The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer]

I wonder if anyone has compiled statistics on Trebek’s Jeopardy! career; how much total money has been won, how many clues has he read, etc.

tt realy was.

I think it was in the meet the contestants section, he commented that he had a large book collection waiting to be read. Now he’ll never get read them - a fate that awaits a lot of us.

I fold. I tap out. I was not aware that it had been tried.

I agree. These amounts have not kept up with inflation.

That’s a pretty funny joke, but it gave me an idea. How about making Second Place $10,000 and Third Place $2,000? Would that be enough motivation?

How about giving 2nd place half of whatever the winner gets, and 3rd place half of that?

That might create an incentive for those who, say a third through the game, see that one person is smarter/faster. The other two could lay back and let that one person get all the Daily Doubles (by choosing only questions from the top row, should they be called on to play when the Star happened to miss a question). In other words, by maximizing what the Star made, they’d get a bigger payday than they likely could if they played their best.

Those ratios are roughly consistent with several marathons and poker tournaments that I found.

It’s starting to look like the problem of second and third prizes might be more difficult than we had thought.

How about not fixing what isn’t broken?

I thought Ken Jennings today was quite good. And he opened with a very nice tribute to Alex Trebek.

I know it’s only been one day, but I’m not sure I can adjust to being comfortable with Jennings’ delivery. He speaks too fast, appears to be rushing through the answers.

I like Jennings - his written work, his quizzes, his Tweets - but I sure do miss Alex.


The whole discussion started when I mentioned that my mother noted the difference between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! in terms of how much money the two losing players get. And it is true that a change in host is a good opportunity to make substantive changes in how a show works.

Did they make any changes to the rules of TPIR when Drew Carey took over for Bob Barker? (Really asking; I never watch it.) The article only mentions superficial changes in how Drew and other talent interact with the audience and contestants.

Like I said upthread, the only reason to change the rules that would carry any weight with the Jeopardy! show runners would be if it increased viewership, and no one has made any persuasive arguments that any of the changes suggested would do that. So the eventual permanent host will probably not be a carbon copy of Alex (as Ken seems to be trying to be), but I doubt they’ll change the mechanics of the show in any significant way.

I miss Art, but I’ve gotten over it.



Maybe it’s the engineer in me but making two major changes at the same time is generally a terrible idea.

As a Wisconsin native, I knew that Joliet accompanied Marquette.
Did not know FJ.


Nope. If it ain’t broke, fix it 'til it is.

KLINGON PROVERB: If it doesn’t fit, force it!

Not a rule, but they got rid of that stupid mike cable BB used to drag around.