The Jews of the world don't like you either, Sevastopol

I read that first quote as not saying that Judaism only ‘appears’ to be an evil cult (but is not), but rather as saying that Judaism, while once a religion, now appears more to be becoming an evil cult. I think you have to stretch quite a bit to get the first reading out of the text.

He’s a sophisticated anti-semite who is utterly anti-Zionist, and whose anti-Zionism has tipped over into (at the very least) a disdain for Jews generally because of the widespread support for Israel among Jews.

If he met a Jew who was anti-Zionist, he’d approve in the same way that some racists think they aren’t because “some of my best friends are black!” Take a general characteristic of a community and find exceptions to that characteristic to be somehow purer or not as problematic as the general members, and you are prejudiced against that community.

LA Jews for Peace: “Israeli Settlements Aren’t Built on Empty Land: End Demlitions Now!”
Jewish Voice for Peace: “Palestinian human rights activist Mohammad Othman needs your help. He is being held by the Israeli government indefinitely and without charges, and he needs international pressure to either call for a fair trial in a court of law where he can defend himself, or to call for his release. Please call now before his next hearing Nov 25!”
American Jews for a Just Peace: “an alliance of activists in the United States working to ensure equal rights, safety, and dignity for all the people of historic Palestine.”
Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace
etc etc

Isn’t this like, the opposite, of prejudice? Prejudice means generalizing some characteristic you don’t like to an entire community, without regard to whether they actually have that characteristic or not. If you judge each person based on whether or not they have the characteristic you dislike, your doing the opposite of being prejudiced against them.

(Hypothetical) example: I don’t like people that are against Gay Marriage, which apparently is true of the majority of voters in Kansas. If I meet a person from Kansas that isn’t against gay marriage though, I have no problem with him and we can be friends. Am I prejudiced against people from Kansas?

No. You’re prejudiced against people who are against gay marriage. For your example, it would be as if you thought that everyone against gay marriage were evil, but then you made friends with somebody who was against gay marriage, and said, “Everyone against gay marriage is evil except for my friend.”

I can’t speak for the Jews Of The World. But speaking for myself, I don’t like Sevastopol.

What the fuck? I support ethnic cleansing? I didn’t even post in that thread.

I feel the same, naturally.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

You’re just anti-religion, I think, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that IMHO.

It’s the phrase, though; given the context when they’re used, there’s a big difference between … oh, anti-Presbyterian and anti-Jewish. When someone is “anti-Catholic”, it’ usually used in the context that they’re opposition to the institution of Roman Catholicism, not necessarily Catholics in generalo. When someone is “anti-Jewish”, it’s usually in the context of being opposed to both the institution and its adherents. Same thing with “anti-Islam” now, it seems; it’s opposition to Islam and its adherents.

This is all very old hat for Sevastopol, who for years on this board has teetered on the fine line separating ill-informed hostility from flagrant bigotry, only occasionally revealing himself with posts like this, yielding a warning for his anti-Semitic trolling.

For those who think he’s getting a bad rap for just being virulently anti-Israel (and before that old rancid chestnut "you can’t criticize Israel without being called an anti-Semite) gets dragged out again:

When a poster calls a religion that has faced a great deal of oppression “polluted” and an “evil cult” and sniggers about how there are “attractive alternatives” to Judaism, how should we view this other than a loathsome example of bigotry (in this case, cloaking itself as concern for Palestinians)?

How obvious does it have to get?

What Sevastopol accomplishes is to “pollute” the efforts of those who support the Palestinian cause, not just through his anti-Semitic bigotry but with extreme rants like when he derides the idea of peaceful Palestinian resistance and refers to the murder of Israeli athletes by terrorists at the Munich Olympics as a “PR coup” for Palestinians.

Sevastopol doesn’t care how much he’s harming the cause he pretends to support. He’s having too grand a time spewing his bile.

I don’t see it in any of the links. Occasional sarcasm doesn’t make it. I think anti-Semitism is wrong (more adjectives come to mind), but I’m also against the accusation being made for people who are criticizing Israel, which is what is going on.

Nothing here is persuasive to me to a clear and convincing standard that Sevastapol is anti-Semitic. He raises a question about a matter that seems to dismay him. It’s a legitimate question for those who are being asked to pick the Israeli side of their poorer policy decisions.

Of course not. However, saying that a nation’s citizens are hopelessly corrupt and evil and that the nation should be wiped from the Earth, as is **Sev’s **wont, is something else.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, **Sev **doesn’t bother me that much. In fact, he actually makes me feel better about myself - my very existence seems to anger and frustrate him, and every day I anger and frustrate someone like **Sev **is a day I’ve accomplished something with my life. I win, and he loses.

I’ve only met a handful of Ukrainians in my life, and they’ve all sucked.

If he has actually said that, I’d agree, but your tendency to exaggerate is familiar to me. Put in some clear links, and let me agree.

Sevvy is just a sad little troll; he’s not worth getting worked up about. I have no idea if he is really anti-semitic, but he likes trolling as one on the internet. See for example the latest Mid-East thread where I horridly wronged him by summing up his position as

Why? He thinks Israeli settlers are looters and should be shot on sight

Why do I say we should prove that we aren’t anti-semites by shooting all these Jews? Why the poor innocent babe has no idea at all if these people he wants to have killed are Jewish, and in fact anyone who knows, points it out or inquires about it is an anti-semite, all quotes from later down that thread

Honestly I am no solid backer of Israel, I think the settlements should be removed, albeit without having all of them or any of them shot. It also pisses me off to no end to see charges of anti-semitism thrown about willy-nilly for disagreeing with a hard line pro-Israel stance, I’ve been on the receiving end of that – I’m dating myself but the late (un)lamented December was really good at doing that.

I think Sevastopol has caused far less conflict for this planet than Judaism, so I’m sticking up for him. Yes, as you might have guessed, I don’t buy this “Chosen Ones” bollox either!

I don’t give a shit what your religion is, just try and keep it to your fucking self!

Did Elie Wiesel say something like that?

I don’t think Elie Wiesel has ever even met Sevastapol

Do you even know what that means, and can you even explain how that might have any bearing on the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict? No? Than shut the hell up.

Black people should all be deported to Africa. The race is polluted and has seen its best days.

Ha Ha! Just being sarcastic.