The Joy of Sex (ing)

Finally there is an end in sight to the sexual abuse and exploitation of under age chickens.

I have to wonder what kind of personality would be attracted to this job?

You’d have to be a real chicken shit to take THAT job offer.

I’ll be here all week. Thank you, thank you.

Actually, chicken sexers have the second worst job in the chicken industry. Chicken catchers have the worst job. They have these chicken houses where the chickens more or less run free, although I don’t know that there is really room to run. Let’s just say they are not in individual cages. Anyway, when it is time to send the chickens to the chicken factory someone has to go in thier and catch them. These guyes come out COVERED in chicken shit, chicken shit being the foulest substance in the universe, with five chickens in each hand. Then they repeat the process over and over and over again.
Working with chickens is a terrible terrible fate.