The L word

So, I have posted in the past about meeting and dating K. The realationship had a mildly rocky start. Nothing huge, just a (really) short I just want to be friends stage.

Last night in bed she popped the biggie. The L word. Yep, love.

I am in love with this woman and, it seems, she feels the same.

This rocks.


“nothin’ could be fina’ than bein’ in carolina’…, in the mor…nin’”
Congrats, I think you saw what you wanted and sucessful pursued it, I wish you both the very best!

What? It’s not about finding your way in labyrinths?


Congratulations anyway.

Well that’s a relief. For a minute there I thought you were going to say that you woke up this morning in a bathtub full of ice, and… well, never mind. Congrats, man!

After the first sentence of your post, I figured it meant she told you she was a Lesbian and wanted to just be friends.

Mazel Tov ! Love is grand.