the largest check i wrote, i wrote 2 minutes ago

During each of my three annual trimesters, I have to write checks for about 3400$. This is what isn’t covered by my loans and must be paid out of pocket. not my favorite part of the college experience.

The biggest single check I’ve had to write out was for about $198,XXX.[sup]xx[/sup]. That was a hand written check and it was hard to fit it all in.

That was for my business. The biggest personal check I recall was for $85K to my stockbroker. Heh, I wonder what that nest egg’s worth now.

Anyway, 'grats on retiring the student loans. I’m another who never took them, but I have plenty of friends who did.

Well, my employer is the Gummint of Canada, so judging by current and past front page news stories, probably not! :smiley:

Why just 2 weeks ago I wrote my largest check ever, $9148.33 for a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan, out the door. I love paying cash for cars! :slight_smile: