What's the biggest check you ever wrote?

And what was it for?

Me? Rent - $415.

I bought a used car and wrote a check for $6,000.00.

That was about the same amount I wrote a few times earlier this year to pay for the computer system I bought in December. I wanted to finish off all the payments as fast as I could.

Personal check: The down payment on my new car, $7500.
Cashier’s check: The down payment on my condo: $15,000.

Whoa, simulpost! I was referring to the $415, not the $6k, thank goodness.

$150k to pay off a mortgage

$12K for the down payment on our truck. After that, about $7K for the down payment/closing costs on our house. The first was a personal check; the second a cashier’s check.

I just sat down and wrote a check for $1 billion. It was fun. No ones gonna cash it, and if they did it would bounce like a superball on concrete, but I wrote it nonetheless.

Oh…I guess you’re more interested in checks that are written that are actually good. I wrote one for $7K to pay off a car loan once. A lot of the other big expenses I’ve had have been dealt with through wire transfers and other electronic means. With online banking I hardly ever write checks anymore. If you count transfers of money, including borrowed margin money to buy stock, I guess the biggest single payment I’ve ever made in any form is roughly $38K.

The check is dying I’m afraid. Too expensive, too slow, too unreliable.

$415 for rent!!! Wow…in CA I paid $1,100 for a one bedroom with a loft. A friend in NYC is renting her STUDIO for $1,760.
Biggest check was for $33,900 downpayment on house. Looking at it after I wrote it kinda freaked me out.

I think the biggest personal check I’ve ever written was for $2800, for clothes and personal items for my entire family right after my house burned.

The largest two cashier’s checks were for:

  1. $19,000 for a down payment on above mentioned house. (Yes, before it burned, smarties… :wink: )

  2. $39,700 for a down payment on the next house we purchased.

I won’t be writing any more big checks on anything in the near future. You have to have actual money in the bank to write checks! :smiley:

$18,700 for a 1987 Thunderbird stock car. That was less engine, transmission, tires, wheels, seat and seatbelts. Sold it about a year later for $14,000 with engine, transmission, 8 tires, 12 wheels, seat and seatbelts.

I don t remember the exact amount, but it was about $130K for some seismic recording. The whole thing cost $200K, but I didn’t have it all at once, so I paid the contractors as I gathered the funds. I had to squinch up my handwriting towards the end of the textual amount.

Well, that margin is kinda thin, but maybe you can make it up in volume. :slight_smile:

For personal checks, I wrote one very recently for about $9800 to the IRS (Ouch! Does that come with Vaseline?) and I had a mortgage payoff at about $70k about 5 years ago, but the title company actually wrote that check on my behalf, I just signed a bunch of paperwork.

In my company (since I’m one of two signers on the company checking account) I’ve written (or at least signed, they’re mostly “written” by the computer) several checks in the $25k to $30k range for computer systems.


lol, RJKUgly. But he’s going to have to work faster.

Wrote one for $15, 693.00 once for a new car…Ford Taurus…but we were getting a loan from the credit union to pay for it. The car dealership insisted on a personal check for the full amount, even though the credit union check would be made out to them. They assured us they would NOT be depositing my check…used eight staples to attach it to the paperwork, with a note saying not to deposit it, credit union check on its way. I get physically ill when I have to write really big checks like that. The next day, they deposited the check…ripped it right off the paper. Of course it bounced, twice, and the bank called me to ask WTF I thought I was doing writing a check that big with so little in my account. The dealership apologized, and paid the bouncy fees, and straightened everything out with the bank, but still…

Gee, I haven’t thought about that incident in years, and that’s the second time today I’ve told that story.

True, at one car a year, it’ll take him years to go broke! :slight_smile:


Well I used to work in a bank, so I’ve ‘written’ cheques for millions (highest I recall was $31,000,00.00 for an insurance payout I think). I did sign it though, but it wasn’t my money.

Somehow I don’t think that’s what you mean though.

I think we wrote one to the IRS for six figures the year of my husband’s buyout.

That hurt. It hurt real real bad.

$24,000 and some change for my truck in 1995.

Now I drive a Honda, but that’s a long story.

Not counting mortgage checks, $ 29,000 one year to the IRS.