I just wrote a check for a significant portion of my life savings....

Because I am going to be friedo, Homeowner!

But not right away. This is a co-op purchase so there’s all sorts of bureaucratic shenanigans to sort out. But I wrote a check for my “contract deposit” of 10% of the offer price, which will be deducted from the much larger downpayment check that I get to write on the day of the closing. (That one actually has to be a certified check.)

Nonetheless, this means the process is officially in motion! I will be a rent-paying parasite oppressed by The Man no more!

Also I’m moving to Brooklyn. Know any good restaurants around Newkirk Ave or Prospect Park?

Cool beans. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness in your new home. :slight_smile:

Good for you! I had an offer in this week on what would have been my first house, but had to let it drop after an inspection (and a warm spell exposing the sad, sad shape of the driveway and garage) showed it not to be the place for me.