The Last Brownie Game

This game is inspired by the dinner party in Notting Hill.

Imagine as it were, that there is one delectable brownie left on the plate. Parties interested in getting a shot at the brownie must present their case for why they should be awarded the brownie by entertaining us with a true story of a humorously horrible thing that happened to them this week. The most entertainingly pathetic entry wins.

The rules:

[li]The story must be true and actually have happened to the participant this week. (12/06 - 12/10)[/li][li]The story should entertain the audience, but not depress them.[/li][li]The story must be submitted by midnight tonight.[/li][li]The story should be 100 words or less.[/li][li]The winners will be announced on Friday by 12 noon EST. [/li][li]The decision of the judges are final.[/li][li]In the event that the judges cannot choose a definitive winner, a poll will be made.[/li][li]The winner will then be awarded the Last Brownie. If the story is very good, I may even send you the brownie myself![/li][/ol]

Rule 1 sucks because it is not a “week”, only five days, so I unilaterally extend the date from 12/5 through 12/10.

I spent a ton a money on a trip to Seattle that was a pure, unmitigated sucktastrophe. The rental car sucked, the hotel sucked, the weather (30 deg F) sucked, the metal benches in Husky Stadium sucked, the Cal v Washington game sucked (did the Cal team even show up?) I was alone (my date stood me up) and freezing and miserable every single fricken minute. It took four hours for my butt to warm up afterwards! I was so eager to get out of that hellhole that I got to the airport 3 hours early. If the entire state of Washington wanted to fall into the ocean, that would be fine with me.

Egad, I hope not! That’s where I keep all my stuff.
Well, not anymore, actually. Standing up a date? The place must have really gone downhill once I left.

Sorry about the sucky trip, but please do tell all your California friends about it.

Still kinda narrow, given that you only have a few hours to get submissions in.

Now, if the timeframe was a month, I could have used my funny colostomy-bag story from the week before Thanksgiving.

Fine - I extend the dates to a month . . . colostomy away! :wink:

How about the week I had: I got all depressed this week because of all the weight I’ve been gaining, plus I got a bunch of pimples, the dentist just said I’m going to need a bunch of fillings, and on top of that the doctor just said that the near-fatal collapse I had this week was from a chocolate allergy and he thinks I have diabetes.

Shouldn’t I get the brownie?
(oh, wait, true stories? Well, never mind. Consider this a bump in hopes of getting something even better than the colostomy story)

**Karen **gets the brownie, since she’s the only one who wanted it.

I missed the cut-off, but I had a quick anecdote that made more chuckle many times when thinking about it this week.

Background, my son S is 5 and a kindergartner. His grandpa is an astrophysicist, and S has already been to a shuttle and a rocket launch with grandpa’s instruments on them. He knows more about space than any 5 year old should. He is just starting to read.

S: Dad, this week is ‘A’ week in school. So I told Ms. Lourde to write adelta on the word wall.
Me: You mean this is ‘D’ week?
S: No it’s ‘A’ week. I don’t mean Delta like the airplanes. I was talking about Adelta V rocket. You know like the moon shots went up on Adelta V rocket.
Me: What did Ms. Lourde say about that?
S: She didn’t think I was quite right, but I convinced her and spelled it for her so she could put it on the board.
Me: Well that was very nice of her to discuss it with you. Did you have any other A words?
S: No I couldn’t think of any.

YAY me! Thx.