The Last Comic Standing

I just watched the first episode of the new season of “The Last Comic Standing” and I have to say something is amiss. They showed parts of everyone’s 3-minute routines. Some were pretty funny, most were mediocre, but one in particular shit the bed entirely, April Macie. To paraphrase one of her jokes: “When I was fat I didn’t know it. My jeans were so tight I had to use pliers to put them on.” That’s it… that was the joke.

Right after her routine Ms. Macie exclaimed how excited she was for all the kids who were mean to her in high school see how high her star has risen. Upon hearing this I immediately began anticipating the moment she wouldn’t be picked and I’d get to see her hopes and dreams dashed on national TV. To my shock and dismay she was selected. Frankly, it ruined my evening.

I missed the original thread on the show… mods would lock this one and I’ll put my post there.