the Last Exorcism - WTF????? (spoilers)

Okay, I saw this movie tonight and I’m just going to assume that anybody who saw it already knows what I’m talking about, so…
What the f*** was that all about???

I enjoy a good twist ending as well as the next guy, but that just seemed slapped on…like midway through the production, somebody happened to read some Lovecraft stories and said “let’s steal this!”

And ‘found footage’ is now officially the tiredest cliche in the genre of horror movies, replacing the former reigning tiredest cliche - the “Scream” meta-humor where everybody comments about “wow! Isn’t this just like the beginning of a horror movie?”
When the film-makers can’t even bother to stick with the shaky-cam conceit, and shoot scenes that couldn’t possibly have been shot by an ‘on-the-scene’ cameraman and dub in ominous incidental music, why bother? Just shoot the damn film like a regular feature film!

The “Be silent for ten seconds and I’ll leave” was pretty ingenious though.