The Last of Us Part 1

So is it worth it?

For those who don’t know, The Last of Us Part 1 is a reworking of the original game with enhanced game play to bring it into the current generation of console. The original game was so great that without even trying the new version I would recommend it for anyone who hasn’t played. Hands down one of the best all time storylines of any game. The question is for those of us that played the original is it worth getting the new version?

From what I have read it is the same game but looks a little better.

Supposedly there have been some gameplay enhancements but I have read they are hit and miss (like better NPC AI).

95% of getting it is better graphics. And better is relative. They were not bad to begin with.

Most articles I have read said it is hard to justify buying it again if you already played it. If you have never played it then it is a no brainer…get the newer version.

If you are a huge fan and love replaying the game it may be worth buying the new one. Up to you.

I will probably wind up getting it, but only after 2-3 years when the price has dropped into the discount range. The original game is still eminently playable. This isn’t like a KOTOR situation, where the OG game is now so primitive it’s difficult to engage with it.

I say “probably,” though, because I have hesitation about encouraging the industry to vanish into an ourobouros of endless revamps of classic titles as the technology evolves. TLoU1 was already remastered once, and we’ve also gotten Uncharted, Mass Effect, Shadow of the Colossus, etc etc etc. It’s not just that this may lead to a concomitant strangling of new-game creation, though of course that’s a concern. Beyond that, from a philosophical standpoint, there’s also the question about whether this constitutes erasure of the original generation of game-developer work, as they were creatively finagling early-generation Playstations and Xboxes into graphical performance at the very top of their hardware’s capabilities. There’s something worth remembering and respecting in that effort, which will evaporate in the modern obsession with 120fps and new thresholds of polygon output and draw distance.

Nevertheless, I do confess I’m torn. The Last of Us (the first game, and the series) is a genuine classic. It’s hard not to want to see it in its best possible form.

Right now I finished Forbidden West and I’m just running around finding data points I missed. I don’t have any games waiting in the queue so I’m tempted.

This should probably go in Cafe Society but it has some relevance here I think. HBO is making a live action TV show out of “The Last of Us”. Here is the trailer (looks good but hard to be certain from a trailer):

It looks amazing.

Do we have a thread for the HBO series yet? Just watched episode 1 tonight. Very impressive.