The Latest Fashion Trend is this

I didn’t even know until yesterday but the newest fashion trend is to wear a blank white T-Shirt 1-3 sizes bigger than you actually wear, inside out so that the tag is showing. My brother and all his friends do it and it actually doesn’t look bad at all.

That’s the most retarded thing I ever heard.

It’ll be a trend for, say, a day.

And then it will be over.

Just like those black spandex tights with the fluorescent green stripes we used to wear back in the 80’s.

Remember in the 80’s when our clothes didn’t fit for a decade?

Oh - I see, the people doing this now don’t remember. Well, we looked really stupid. Trust me. This is one thing you do not have to go learn for yourself, like sticking your finger in the socket or touching the hot stove. This is like peeing on the electric fence - don’t try it, just listen.

Wait till they rediscover Hypercolor. And then screw up eventually and put the damned thing in the dryer.

Do you wear them with the pants that are 10 sizes too big so the crotch is somewhere around your shins?

Around here (North Jersey) its pink shirts. No matter what style you wear, you get a pink shirt.

We did??
And, everyone knows, pink is the new white. Or black. Or red… with white mixed in… ???
Pink is very popular right now.

Of course, any other way would look stupid. (Only **Half ** Joking)

Done. I’ve seen them at a store called Mandee’s.

hey I have a hypercolor shirt that I still wear. :mad:

If you want to see something silly, you should see the Goth kids here in Florida. Usually there is at least one of them wearing a heavy, ankle length black overcoat. And you do realize it’s 94 degrees here every day, with the humidity the heat index is well over 100.

Last summer I started to notice the clean white T-shirt look around downtown Cleveland. Didn’t notice the inside out part, though. Just saw a lot of young black kids, all day long, wearing dark blue jeans and those pure, white shirts. Looks nice!

That’s strange. Is that popular among the guido crowd, or everybody?

Buffalo is where Zubaz went to die. It’s still the shiznit there.