The Lego Movie

I saw the Lego Batman and it was hilarious. Captured the spirit of the comics better than most of the real-life movies, maybe all of them.

I’m looking forward to this one.

It serves as a basis to put characters like Batman, Abraham Lincoln, pirates, astronauts, and wizards into the same movie without requiring any big explanation. Lego is already an established setting that crosses genres.

The Lego Marvel is even better.

Isn’t that a video game instead of a movie?

This flick is maintaining 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. I think that’s pretty rare.

They did a 30 minute special, like they did for the Star Wars. It’s very funny.

I love Legos. As a kid, I probably spent more time with Legos than all other toys combined. As a parent, I enjoyed playing with Legos with my son more than any other of his toys.

I have no interest in seeing the movie. The ads are sufficiently amusing; I don’t need to see any more. But who knows, sometime when it’s being broadcast and nothing else is on and I don’t have anything recorded on DVR I just might watch and just might enjoy. We rarely have kids visit these days, so watching it along with the kids won’t happen.

I don’t recommend reading the New York Post review (the lone rotten tomato at this time) if you haven’t seen the movie (he ruins several big moments in the movie), but the reviewer seems to be judging it as if it was intended to be a serious take on, well, anything. It’s a movie made for kids, though as I mentioned in an earlier post, it has plenty of humor for adults.

He complains that the movie doesn’t follow through on its story lines. I can’t explain how wrong he is without completely spoiling the ending, but he appears to have profoundly misunderstood everything that happened in the movie.

Do not read this spoiler unless you want to have the movie completely spoiled. I mean it.

Everything that happens in the movie is the imaginings of a little boy who is upset that his father has taken over his Legos and doesn’t let him play with them. The messages of nonconformism and anti-consumerism aren’t the point of the movie. They are just the simplistic thoughts of a young boy. The point is the relationship between the father and the son. That isn’t revealed until the end but once it is revealed it should be obvious that the reason the story bounced around so much is that it was all just a kid playing with Legos. If you’ve ever seen a kid play with Legos (or any imaginative play) you know how nonsensical they can be.

We just saw it. The only bad thing is that I can’t get “Everything is Awesome” out of my head.

It would hardly be The Lego Movie without…Legos.

Saw it with two of my boys this afternoon, and we all liked it. Good goofy fun. Lots going on - some of the crowd scenes are jam-packed and you can’t possibly see and appreciate everything.

Kudos to Morgan Freeman for spoofing his “portentous voice of authority in just about every movie of the past twenty years” persona.

It certainly was catchy. My teenager just asked me to stop singing it!

It takes a while to know why, but yes.

Because it’s a movie about Lego? That’s the weirdest objection I’ve ever heard.

I liked the movie a lot. The mispronunciation of every day objects in order to elevate them was really charming to me (the scepter of q-teep).

Very germane indeed. On top of this point that becomes apparent in the movie, LEGO is one of the few toys that are any toy you want them to be.

This is one of those movies that are for almost any age group. Ages 8-14 is JUST A SUGGESTION! :wink:

Saw it today with a bunch of kids. The younger girl (maybe like 2-3 years old) was scared some but the 4-5yo boys were totally into it.

I laughed a lot! My favorite part was of course Charlie Day’s space man because I totally had one of those space sets myself*.

For some reason I felt like it went slightly too long. Possibly because I had to pee (large Coke Zero) or maybe my attention span is 90 minutes and not 100.

“Everything is Awesome” is great and I sure hope it takes over “Let It Go” - that weird song from Frozen - as the new movie song all the kids are singin’.

*I had maybe one Lego set myself, being that I was the second child. I had the spaceman set, technically, when my brother wasn’t playing with it.


I had several space sets. My sons play with them when we visit my parents.

Spaceship! Spaceship spaceship spaceship spaceship!!!

And now FOX news is going ballistic because this 100-minute long commercial is, horrors, anti-business!

Took my family to see it today based on all stellar reviews. It really wasn’t anything special to be honest. Even my ten years old son, who has about one million Legos didn’t think the movie was overly entertaining. I will say that it doesn’t feel like a 2 hour commercial though.

I’ll be curious to see if they put out kits specifically for this movie considering the entire movie revolves are not needing instructions and building what you want how you want.

There are already sets based on the movie. In my experience, kids build a set once following the instructions and then throw the parts into a bin and build whatever they want. Lego instructions are not creating a generation of kids with no imagination.