The life of a cat lady is starting to look appealing!

I’m thinking hermit more than Rambo. There is a long noble tradition of hermits. Crazy Cat Man is just sad.

Hermits can write lengthy manifestos. That’s a plus.

And if you stop bathing you can become a prophet.


Then you can write your words on the subway walls.

There are other options. It seems of lot of guys have migrated to video games. A friend says that a buddy of his plays HALO pretty much constantly, almost never leaving the house.

Now there you go. That’s a lonely waste of my life that I can do!

Thats how I plan to spend my retirement. Until the eyes go.

Maybe this is the problem…my aforementioned ex was a hermit who lived on the edge of the woods in a shack with no utilities (calling it “off the grid” would imply more intent than I think went into it) surrounded by literal walls of firewood. It was like a fortress. No dogs, though, and his lack of education would have put the nix on the manifesto.
But yeah…he lives like a crazy cat lady, guy addition. Now (several years later) he has a real house, property, etc, zero debt, and guess what–since our breakup he’s moved into his detached garage where he can sleep next to his wood stove. Maybe “just plain crazy” would be a better fit.

No one said it had to be a good manifesto. There’s a lot to be said for poorly written screeds.

Thats me - oh Yes…:smack:

So sorta like an Amish Timecube guy?

47 and still reading Comics and watching Sci Fi. Judge Dredd and Spiderman - Whoo Hoo - Crazy Old Comic Guy… But not a Captain Sweatpants.