The lil'wrekker and her, oh just read the first line of the thread

The lil’wrekker has made a proclamation: " I shall be a vegetarian/vegan/eat only plants.

I’m not sure of all the distinction or differences. I’m not sure she does either.

I explain and remind her she already made a proclamation that she would never eat, oh, I don’t know …every freakin’ veg I grew in the garden this summer. Ever again.
She hated working in the garden. She hated processing the veg to cook and eat. She hated eating it.

The lil’wrekker is about 95lbs of stubborn and prone to making big dramatic statements. Her mouth writes checks her ass can’t cash.

I’ve seen her skinny ass stick 4 pieces of bacon at once in her mouth.
She singlehandedly reduced McDonald’s chicken nugget farm when she was a young teen. Taco Bell is now her favorite fast food. Tacos have meat. I remind her of these things.
She ran to her room and sulked. When she came out she saw me and mid-Daughter making hamburger patties for the grill.
She said: “Mmm, burgers” and walked outdoors.

That girl!

The lil’wrekker is facing a dilemma. Doesn’t like vegetables and wants to go vegetarian.

It’ll be interesting how she sorts that out.

I have friends that only eat chicken, eggs, and fish. We keep that in mind when they’re invited to dinner. Beer can chicken on the grill is usually served. Makes chicken really moist.

I went vegetarian for six years, of which six months was strict vegan, and even worked in a vegan kitchen. Unfortunately, I despise most vegetables and put on a lot of weight from eating carbs rather than healthy greens that make me gag.

What ended it was a road trip with three people in the front of a pickup truck, a Sven and Ole’s pizza on the dash, and a steak house that evening.

These days I feel guilty but satiated. I take my hat off to folks who have healthier and environmentally wiser eating habits than I have.

So she was vegan for five minutes? That’s not too bad.

That’s like 3 in carnivore years.

Must be all that Cornhole.

She ate 2 hamburgers for supper. Seems that salad she had for lunch wore off.

She’s in the market for new boots. She was showing me pictures from some shoe site.
100% leather.
I told her cows don’t give their skin willingly.
She told me not to bring that up again.


Kids, can’t live with 'em, or sell 'em off for slavery and ya gotta feed 'em to boot. Guess that leaves entertainment value😂

Now, Becks, you’re going about this all wrong. Don’t point out that the boots are leather. Say you want to support her new-found veganism and offer to buy her boots knit out of nettles and wheat. :slight_smile:


I explained to her the uber ‘pricey’ and not at all needed in our sub-tropical weather, UGGs, are sheep leather with the shearling inside that feels so nice on your feet.

She was sufficiently grossed out.
I don’t think she’ll quit wearing them. Yanno? Because fashion outweighs gross out-ness.
Nothing cuter on campus than UGGs.
Of course, she’ll be home for the foreseeable future and not on campus.
Her life is such a disaster. I’m not sure she’ll make it. :yum:

I told her before she went to bed I made a thread about her vegan proclamation and the desire to not eat anything with a face.
She groaned “Oh, Ma, you’re ridiculous.”

She was holding a Hot Pocket in her hand.
I told her it had meat in it that was once was a pig.
I got the ol’rolleyes.

I sometimes tease my vegetarian friend how she used to hate broccoli. We were teenagers. In the past 40 years er tastes have changed.

However, she still has two cats. Which I think doesn’t fit with animal friendly vegetarianism. That’s her decision, and she never tells anybody else what to eat.

I read an article about cactus leather. As I eat meat, I have no problems with wearing leather. But I’m not a fan of fur, if it doesn’t use the entire animal. My main belief is anti-waste. Consume the whole animal.

Well, @Die_Capacitrix, there are parts I’ve seen in the butchering of game meat that I most assuredly will not eat.

Also…at the grocery store they sell pigs feet, pigs ears, chicken feets, turkey necks and lots of innards.

Nope. Not eatin’ that crap.
Nope, nope, nope.
Gimme some over processed and over ground and USDA inspected and approved with a nice sticker sayin’ so, hamburger meat.
Yeah, I’m fine with that.

I’ve never had fur. Warm climate and all.
I haven’t given it much thought.
Cruella DeVil was very mean, though. Just sayin’

dog fur, pshaw, can you imagine getting caught in the rain and the smell?

My very sensitive, perceptive, and intelligent niece became a vegetarian when she mentally connected meat-eating with the slaughter and consuming of her beloved stuffed animals. She has managed to stick with that for years. Problem: She hates almost all fruits and vegetables, to the point that she can’t even look at them without feeling ill.

So far as I know, she lives mostly on eggs, cheese, bread, sweets, and pasta, occasionally choking down something green. She loves being around people who are eating meat and inhales the aromas greedily. So, I guess she’s a little crazy. But I don’t hold that against her.

Oh, noez!
The lil’wrekker has decided eggs are Chicken abortions.

How disgusting.

Nope. Miscarries.

No red spot, no chance for chickens.

Alright. I shall inform her at the breakfast table tomorrow.
My hen’s have a husband. Does that make a difference?
And then there’s the ‘hobo’ chickens. I prefer racial diversity in my coop.

I had a friend in college who was vegetarian and hated vegetables. He ate cheese sandwiches. All the time. And during Passover and other Jewish High Holy Days, if he couldn’t eat leavened bread, he’d eat cheese and matzo sandwiches. The guy’s farts were freaking deadly. His room smelled like stale farts and matzo most of the time. Don’t let your daughter be like Mike.