The little mysteries of life which you can't understand

Some people are confounded by quantum theory and mathematical proofs; but I’m sure there are many other little mysteries of life which just leave us reeling. Like

  1. How does those ladies manage to survive in a lecture theater where the air-con is freezing cold but they dress as if they are going to beach? All the hunks are wrapped up in jackets and etc.

  2. Where does all those meat come from? I never studied how, but looking at the amount of chicken, beef, fish and etc. we consumed per day as a civilisation, are there really so much poultry to go around?

  3. It’s still befuddling to me how a computer work. Yes, I study Computer Science, but how could just a millions of 1s and 0s enable networking, 3d graphics, word processing and more is still like a ‘wow’ to me.

What’s yours?

Why does the traffic light always turn red just before I get there?

Why do people, while annoying you by passing a car slowly, speed up when they move over to the right lane.

How do telephone, CD players, TV’s, etc., reproduce all those sounds? Do they have a little orchestra hidden in there somewhere?

Don’t be silly. It’s just the speaker membrane vibrating just the right way. Now computers, on the other hand, have tribes of little dwarves (yes, I know it’s a pleonasm. They’re really small) engraving stuff on the hard drive and running information to and fro.

How come the last cookie is always the best one ?

Because I always lick the last cookie, you didn’t know?

Why is Mom’s mac and cheese always so much better than mine, even though I use her recipe?

23.383 million chickens are killed for food production every day in the United States alone. That’s nearly nine billion a year.

You don’t see it because (generally speaking) society chooses not to look at slaughterhouses.

Why, when people stop at a traffic light, do they not go all the way up to the line (if there is one) and then stop? Why do they stop far away from it and then, as they are sitting there waiting for the light to change, do they lift their foot off the brake, let the car roll a few feet, brake again, and repeat four or five times? What is up with that?

When women do that thing where… no, when women say that… no, when women feel that… okay, just women in general.

What’s up with socks?

I shall be eternally baffled as to why people litter. Especially when there is a trash can nearby. It makes no sense whatsoever to besmurch one’s surroundings that way.

If you want to see evidence of chicken farming, fly over Northwest Arkansas sometime. That is where Tyson is located as well as several other producers. You can see giant chicken houses one after one all over the place for many miles on end.

I HATE that when I am on my motorcycle. If a car is stopped behind me, then I have the bike in neutral and both feet on the ground. So, the slow creeper makes me have to put it in gear and ride forward repeatedly. Grrrr.

…and why smokers flick their butts or stomp them on the ground and just leave them there. There is no “magic butt fairy” who will clean them up. How hard is it to squash out a cigarette and throw the butt into the trash? Honestly. Walking in my neighbourhood is like wading through an ashtray, I’m not exaggerating. :mad:

Why do the shelves in the grocery store have a lip on the edge?

Ostensibly to keep the products from sliding off?

I could understand this if I lived in CA where there is always a chance of an earthquake.

I ask because some of the products I purchase are as tall as the shelf and the lip makes it very

difficult to remove the item.

Well there was, but then she married Marc Anthony and it got a lot bigger.

Because they enjoy controlling you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Mom makes it with love.


Why can’t I figure out algebra? I’m not stupid. I’m good at sitting down and picking apart problems and taking them one step at a time. I soon bogged down in algebra in high school, and nowadays, when I try to take an online tutorial, my brain glazes over about two pages into it.

I think I’m missing that lobe of my brain.

When I lived in Albania, I would watch people standing next to a trash can throw their garbage on the ground. They just didn’t get it and it made me crazy.