The Lost Room on Sci Fi

Wow this is looking great!

Equal Parts “Heroes” “Paycheck” and “Groundhog’s Day”. Throw in poker bluffing and dark humor to top it off. Tell me Im not the only one watching this.

I set the Tivo for the later showings. Glad to hear you think it’s worth watching! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder! I’d decided to watch this when they began ads months ago, but forgot when it began. I’ll record it later :slight_smile:

Its a mini-series, I hope Sci-fi makes all of the right choices with it. ((If it could be a regular series, I would love to see it)).

Og Bless Tivo. I’ll see it in the morning.

Different items that have magical abilities spread around the world…

wasn’t that the plot of the old Friday the 13th TV series?

Sounds like the plot to Xiaolin Showdown.

Love it. Hope it can be turned into a series.

I wanna see what the Gideons will do! Perhaps turn you into a fundie?

Then again, “Paycheck” has one up on this show. Paycheck, the Items used where… you know “real” and had a real purpose.

I feel its a good diversion, but because the ‘objects’ are too… random, it looses something.

Unless I soooooooo don’t get the ‘master plan’ of the items, or the show itself.
I’m just hoping it gets closer to being like ‘24’ and ‘Prison Break’ before long.

Liked the concept, the execution left me unmoved. The problem for me is that the Objects (couldn’t they have thought of a better name for them?) are far more interesting than the characters and some of the ideas seem a bit half thought out. The key can link to the door on a child’s play house, for example, so why not carry that small of door around with you? The concepts of the pencil and bus ticket are neat but the radio and the watch don’t grab the imagination even as examples of useless objects.

I don’t know the history of the miniseries, but last night’s episode sure played like a failed television pilot. I think it’s going to work better as a miniseries where the story can play out and be done rather than dragging it out for a few years.

So, I’m lukewarm on the series; with nothing on for a few weeks I’ll keep it on in the background.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I even enjoyed watching Dakota Fanning 2.0

I think Peter Krause was perfectly cast-I loved the look of pure glee on his face when he was trying out the key for the first time. The puzzle of how to figure out how to work the objects and room together is very intriguing. My totally off-base theory is that the room will turn out to be some sort of cursed crime scene. And I bet the final object that pulls it all together is a person (murder victim?). Or maybe not. Either way, it’s still fun to watch.

I did read in Entertainment Weekly that the ending leaves a lot to be desired but the rest of the show makes up for it, according to the EW reviewer.

I really enjoyed it. It was creepy at parts and made me hesitant to open doors in my house. I’m glad it’s a miniseries as I want to see the end, but to keep the end open as to lead into a series may be a little difficult. I hope for the best here. Peter Krause is best when being adamant about finding his daughter at any cost. Very moving.

What I like is that we’re setup with multiple ‘groups’ all vying for the key, but no one knows who’s good or who’s right. So far we’ve got:
The Order of Reunification
Jennifer Bloom’s group (different group right? Julianna M)
Ruber (Poor Ruber, I hope he finds redemption for his mistake.)
and The Weasel (or maybe not since the end of last night’s episode)

Actually, that was how the potential buyer tested the key right at the beginning of the episode- he put together a small door and tested the key on it to make sure it was the genuine article.

I also liked that, later on, Our Hero didn’t think to do that very thing, and instead relied on a door that he thought might be there.

According to her, she’s part of a different group called The Legion. Bit of a strange name for a group that’s trying to sound like they’re the “good guys”.

Well, now we know what was inside the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Just can’t stop thinking of Jennifer as Object Girl

I’m a bit thick, so it took me until this (despite the obvious merits of Sports Night and Six Feet Under) to formulate a new rule:

Watch anything Peter Krause is in.

That time-stopping stuff with the comb was good stuff. Some of the characters are a tad over the top, but i’m enjoying the hell out of this.

I dug eps 3&4! I like the way the objects really affect the people who have them. I even like Margaret Cho’s character who won’t even touch an object. I would really like to get a look at her list. Some people already know what most of the objects do? Why can’t we know? I guess Wally did list off a few in the first episode.

So, the coat was in the safe with the clock? Why aren’t people taking other things from the room(sheets, pillow, hangar, part of the mirror, curtain rod, tv knob, etc)

Where did Jim get the $1000 so fast? Jennifer Bloom?

Lastly, let me try and clear this up for myself. The Collectors found most of the objects, but didn’t have the key. That’s why they were playing around in room 9. The woman was sucked into some vortex and needed the combination of the comb, the watch-box and the key to rescue her (and then she died) Can someone theorize what those three objects did? (nullify-entropy, stop time, what?)

If/when it gets turned into a series, I hope the spend more time finding ways to use the objects we know about together, rather than finding an object of the week, or x-files-ish room related problem (of the week). But that would take a little foresight, wouldn’t it.