The lunch jackpot

After a morning spent in the library, I decided I deserved lunch before heading to my 12:40 class, followed by my 2:10 class (just enough time to dash from one side of campus to the other), followed by my 6:30 class (though I do have enough time to eat something between the last two).

I headed down to the UC and popped into the place that does stir fry, a regular-type meal, sub sandwiches and burger king. I went to the regular food guy and selected a slice of roast beef for my entree, and then checked out the vegetable selection. I’ve decided that I do occasionally require vegetables in my diet, and lunch is a good time to get them, since I don’t tend to make them when I’m cooking for just myself at home. To go with my roast beef, I select green beans and carrots.

The guy loaded me up with veggies. I don’t know if he was just so excited that a student picked vegetables, if he feels like students don’t choose them enough and we need extra when we have them or what.

But I’ve eaten all the beans, most of the carrots (cooked carrots are not my favorite thing, but they’re acceptable. And better for me than french fries.)

Now I’ll be able to go to class and not have my stomach disturb the whole room by growling. And it only cost me $4.50. :slight_smile: