Your lunch today

Tuna fish on soft wheat bread. I didn’t have any lettuce or carrots, so I put pretzels in the sandwiches to shake things up.

Unfortunately the pretzels were soggy by lunch time (duh!). BUT, they added a really nice salt fix.

Those and a handful of Wavy Lays, and gotta say, not a bad lunch. Think next time I’ll keep the pretzels separate until time to eat.

Any interesting lunches today?

Not interesting. I had chicken strips and french fries, which I got because the ramen and apple I had brought to work suddenly seemed inadequate.

I’m trying to stop the fried food, as I’ve gotten very stout in the last few years, but it’s hard.

A tin of Heinz Beef Broth and 2 slices of wholemeal bread. It’s bloody cold here at the moment so a nice hot bowl of soup is appreciated come lunch time.

Brought a salad to work. Huge tupperware of shredded romaine leaves, carrot shreddies, pomegranate seeds, chopped pecans, carrot shreddies, red cabbage, grilled chicken (which I always bring in a separate container to heat since I hate cold chicken) with some yummy Trader Joe’s Cranberry Gorgonzola dressing.

Chicken pot pie. Mmmmmm…mm!

BF took the ham bone from Thanksgiving dinner out of the freezer yesterday and spent his snow day off making ham and lentil soup. Leftovers were today’s lunch. Sooo good!

About 15 mini-pancakes and a hot dog. Nice, right?

Peanut butter on whole wheat bread. Eh, it works.

Easy Mac - microwave mac-n-cheese. Ready in 3 1/2 Minutes! dullsville. I’m very, very lazy.

Roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese, one of those 100-cal. bags of Cheetos, and some blueberry yogurt. I should have eaten the apple I brought instead of the Cheetos, but damn, I love Cheetos.

Today for lunch I had a donut and some home made chocolate-coconut candy. We had a staff Christmas breakfast, and everyone brought sweets. It just seemed wrong to spend money on a sandwich when there was all that food there. Got a bit of a sugar buzz going on now, though.

Roast beef and cheddar with mustard on Italian bread, a peach yogurt and a hand full of wheat thins.

Big Mac med Coke. Lunch was late breakfast for me today. Hoping dinner is better.

I haven’t had it yet (it’s not even 9.00am yet!). But it’s likely to be a sandwich of some sort: ham and salad etc.

Leftover spaghetti with homemade spinach meatballs. So freaking good. I only have two meatballs left and I am hoarding those suckers.

Chicken and sausage gumbo served over brown rice, with french bread to sop up the remains. God, I love Louisiana in the winter. :slight_smile:

Skipped it, I’m afraid. Was putting the new BBQ together. “Some assembly required.” :rolleyes:

Dinner will be sandwiches of sauteed Italian sausage, onion and peppers on fresh rolls. Yummmm.

The McDonald’s Dollar Menu is my friend. McDouble, McChicken, small fries, and small black coffe: under five bucks! Even with Chicago/Cook County confiscatory sales taxes. Yumm!!

I needed to relax during lunch (a shouting match with a coworker made me realize I was wound pretty tight today) so I had a big plate of hot and spicy chicken from the local Japanese place. Excellent food.

Two sting cheese sticks, a handful of pecans, a bottle of milk, and a candy cane. 'Twas delish!