Your lunch today

Today was a good one!

Lightly toasted roll, mayo, sweet pickles, lettuce and a chicken patty.

I added some Ritz crackers under the patty, since I had 'em sitting in my desk.

The crackers made a nice texture.


Pretty much the same as every day. PB&J, some raisins, yogurt, and a granola bar. Ho-hum.

Peanut butter crackers and blueberry yogurt.

Turkey and dumplings left over from dinner the other day.

It’s Lent. Tuna and Kavli crackers.

Fried eggs with bacon on toast.

Pot of coffee and a few marlboros…

A whole wheat kaiser bun with cold cuts, a cheese slice and mustard.
A bowl of chicken, rice, bean soup.
A container of fruit punch.

Pretty much my standard week day lunch, with or without some raw veggies to gnaw on.

I’m about ready for a mid-morning snack. At my desk I have a tin of Trader Joe’s Tongol Chunk Light tuna, a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce, and a bottle of Sriracha.

For lunch I’ll just go to Subway. I haven’t decided if I’ll have a Veggie Delight or a turkey sandwich. And a large (blue) can of Monster.

Cold cuts of ham & turkey with Muenster cheese on 8-grain bread with a few Pringles Onion Blossom potato “crisps”. And some Butterfinger “valentine hearts” for dessert.

Didn’t bring lunch today. It’s Lent, so either tuna from the cafeteria or (more likely) a Wendy’s fish sandwich.

Left over ginger chicken.

Publisher’s reps are presenting their textbook options to our department all day today, so we’re going to be plied with food and other schwag throughout the day. Don’t know what they’ll be giving us, but it’ll be free :slight_smile:

How is that, anyway? I saw a commercial for it and it looked tasty.

Swedish meatballs and brussels sprouts, with some assorted olives for dessert.

A double-decker Chik’n patty sandwich on a hamburger bun, layered with Swiss cheese and adorned with generous helpings of brown mustard and sriracha. To drink, a double-size can of sugar-free Monster and a bottle of water.

Salad from the salad bar and Diet Dr Pepper.

A banana and some very yummy homemade turkey meatloaf (made with 99% lean turkey meat, onions, bread crumbs, egg whites, cayenne pepper, regular pepper, kosher salt, and mace) and topped with Heinz’s Hot & Spicy Ketchup.


I roll my own, but yeah. Oh, and maybe a couple of little chocolate doughnuts.