The male orgasm

CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Announcing “a major advance in the age-old quest to unlock the secrets at the heart of human sexuality,” researchers at Harvard’s Center For The Graphic Depiction Of The Human Sexual Act confirmed Monday that, with the aid of experimental new high-speed photographic technology, they have successfully captured the elusive male orgasm on film.

Sigh Are there no mysteries left?

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

Gee… The Onion vs. an orgasm…

That’s a tough call! Do I have to choose?

Yer pal,

First of all, there is NO such Harvard scientific group. Plus, they would not use a web site called ‘the onion.’

We aren’t all fools, ya know?

Handy: Duh.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)


If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

“I faked all my orgasms”

Leeslie Nelson

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Diane, yep! :wink:

Diane’s .sig line fit SO-O-O perfectly, too! :slight_smile:

I fugred this thread would be really short-lived,just like the male orgasm :wink:

The male orgasm and the male ejaculation are not the same event.

Any male worth their salt knows that.

I think the humor of this thread has beed effectively killed. Differences between ejaculation and orgasm adise, jokes are no good when someone doesn’t get it. :slight_smile:

“Love given when it is inconvenient is the greatest love of all. Kindnesses that are shared at a high cost to oneself are the most dear.”

Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

That’s because the Onion is satire.
– Sylence
“Du-h-h-h-h, satire? What’s that?”

Really? And I already got the high heel shoes, in several sizes. I thought it was a necessary element.

I think this thread lasted longer than the male orgasm…

Yeah but how many time did the director have to yell “CUT” before he yelled “IT"S A WRAP”

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I LOVE The Onion!! My wife first sent me an article from The Onion back in February - “When Jews Attack!” It was an article about how FOX was going to broadcast a show in the same line as “When Animals Attack” only it involved Jews. I read it all of the time now. Totally HILARIOUS!! My sides hurt! Check it out You’ll be glad you did!

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”
E A Poe

There’s this great movie’ with Bruce Willis…

I had no idea, but it appears to be that commas, when excited, can levitate.

Looks like this thread has shot its wad…