The man in "The New Yorker" (not Eustace)

There are two icons associated with The New Yorker Magazine: Eustace, in the magnificent tophat, the stovepipe collar, and the outsized shirtfront; and the other man with the quill pen, the pince-nez spectacles with the ribbon, and the papers in his hand. But what is his name? Esquire named their character Eskie, and* Mad *named theirs Alfred E. Neuman… :slight_smile:

I can’t bring this image to mind at all. Can you find it online and link to it?

I’m flipping through the current issue and not sure either…

From the “Talk of the Town” section:

Seems like Eustace (with his collar and monocle) to me…

Same here. Eustace Tilley, to give him his full name.

Thanks. I didn’t recognize him without his tophat, overcoat and butterfly. :smiley: