"The Man Who Wasn't There" or "Novocaine"?

I’m thinking about seeing a movie Thanksgiving Day (that’s tomorrow, non-US Dopers :)). Right now I’m stuck between these two (well, truth be told, I’m leaning a little towards The Man).

Anybody want to make a case for one or the other?

I haven’t seen Novocaine, but I saw The Man last weekend. It was good. I little bit drawn out, but I enjoyed it none-the-less.

To twist a common phrase around here, “Yahoo is your friend.” Go to the movie section and you can find quotes from probably 7 different reviews for Novocaine. I did, because generally I really like Steve Martin, and found that they reviews were generally disappointing.

I may have you one better, Cardinal. I went to the IMDb reviews page for each movie and looked at several of those. Thanks for that advice, though!

Another good resource for gathering reviews is Rotten Tomatoes.

The local art house theater is currently showing Novocaine, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and Amelie. Faced with those choices I opted for (without help) Amelie. And I wasn’t disappointed.

It looks like, generally, I made the right choice (according to Rotten Tomatoes).

Novocaine: 35% positive reviews (65 reviews)
The Man: 76% positive reviews (75 reviews)
Amelie: 90% positive reviews (70 reviews)

Between the two, though, I am most interested in The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Well I saw Novocaine and I don’t really recommend it. There were some good scenes but it seemed like the director couldn’t decide whether to make a comedy or a suspense film. both were included but they fit together pretty akwardly. There was good acting by Martin and HBC and that woman that plays Martin’s Wift(I can’t remember her name) but the plot was weak and the twists have been done before.

I haven’t seen the The Man but I would say you’re probably better off with that one.

I concur with the above review of “Novocaine.” Not recommended. Dagnabbit.

I mainly went for its Elfman/Bartek musical score, which was sadly irritating at times. A lot like “To Die For,” but unfortunately, the movie doesn’t find the same magic balance.

I saw The Man last weekend - I thought it was dark dark dark, but thoroughly enjoyable. I intend to see it again before it leaves theatres.

I saw both. I liked both.

But Novocaine was better.

Well, the theatre that was showing both is now showing Novocaine and the aforementioned Amelie, which on first acquaintence looks like nothing I’m interested in (no offense, obfusciatrist).

The Man is now showing at only one theatre in town, and that on very much the other side of town. So the decision is now a fifteen-minute drive and Novocaine or a forty-five minute drive and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Damn. I really hate seeing noir on the small scree for the first time.

I wonder what the lines are like for Harry Potter? :smiley:

Quite possibly not that bad. My wife and I went to see Potter last Tuesday night. There were about 8 other people in the theater. I think that is a side effect of having such wide openings. It really isn’t that difficult for everybody who wants to see a movie to see it on opening night.

The winner: The Man Who Wasn’t There

I think I made the right choice, and it had to do with that wonderful black-and-white cinematography played large on the big screen, which I just don’t think will be as effective in my living room. I hope to work Novocaine into my schedule before it leaves town, but if I don’t, I don’t think I’ll miss as much seeing it on the small screen for the first time.

Favorite image: the flying car

Favorite scene: the conversation between Ed and Big Dave in the latter’s office, where for a few moments I couldn’t tell if that was Big Dave’s reflection behind Ed or if there was someone else in the store.

Favorite line: “You know what you are, Mr. Crane? You’re an enthusiast!”

Favorite speech: Freddy Riedenschneider’s lecture on the uncertainty principle

Overall: 7[sup]*[/sup] out of 10

Am I the only one who noticed that Billy Bob’s character was named after the dog on Frasier?

[sup]*[/sup] I may revise this later upon a second viewing. I had seen two of my favorite movies earlier in the day, and you know how that can affect your perception. :slight_smile:

While I also use both Yahoo and IMDB for movie recommendations, I’ve found myself going to Epinions more and more for specific reviews on movies. It’s a little risky because sometimes those pesky reviewers disclose a bit too much plot for my tastes, but mostly it’s a very good way of gauging a movie’s value.

Incidentally, I went to see The Man Who Wasn’t There the other night, but ended up walking into the wrong theatre and seeing “Waking Life” instead, which was excellent!