The Mandalorian series on Disney+ (spoilers as it airs)

I’d disagree. The show is about a bounty hunter on the run in the Fringe with the kid/bounty he’s protecting. It’s going to have episodes about that. The Cara Dune episode in the village is very much about that - it definitively establishes why he can’t just hunker down and hide out, or try to hide Baby Yoda somewhere. The Tatooine episode and the Bill Burr ep in the prison ship aren’t as directly on-point, but they do establish important character elements and background.

Even if you count those as “filler” episodes, though, within each episode, there’s no filler. Each scene, and pretty much every single shot of each scene, moves the characters and story of that episode forward. The exact opposite of all too many Netflix shows, which have characters standing around talking aimlessly and dithering instead of actually doing stuff.

Finished watching this tonight. Overall pretty good, although I could have done without ep. 4,5, and 6. A couple of points/questions:

  1. I thought the Mandalorian enclave had to relocate after saving Mando at the end of ep 3? How were they still around to be wiped out by the Imperials?
  2. Mando doesn’t seem to make the connection between his breaking guild code to go back for the child and the resulting destruction of the Mandalorians on Nevarro. You’d think he’d be upset about that.
  3. Moff Gideon seems pretty cavalier about shooting into the meeting place even though he believes (?) the child to be in there.
  4. I thought the episode was going to make fun of the “escape through the sewers” trope but then ended up using it.
  5. Nevarro has some pretty massive sewers for what looks like a dry area.
  6. I was glad they showed us Mando’s face. I think it would have been tiresome to keep using the “what’s under that helmet” side plot for too long.
  7. I guess we’ll never find out who the was the mysterious person who visited Fennec Shand’s body?
  8. Does baby Yoda ever need his diaper changed?

1. I don’t think they were mostly still around – just the armorer. The rest had already left.
2. I think this is because he put the Mandalorian code above the guild code, and his fellow Mandalorians recognized this. Thus this was the only “proper Mandalorian” way he could have acted.
3. Yep – that probably could have been executed better.
4. Maybe! But also, lava!
5. The rule of cool!
6. Yeah!
7. Next season, I’d presume. I actually hope Shand is still alive somehow.
8. He uses the force!

So, I’ve just binged this for the last couple days on the treadmill. Good show. But since I’ve been maintaining sanity the last few weeks with Computer games, it struck me how this series really felt like a video game script that was filmed instead for some reason :).

Start in media res on a simple joke of a bounty mission. Learn the basic converse mechanics and punch mechanics in a bar fight against a few jobbers.
Quick tutorial on how your ship works to go back to the first hub. and learn the job-mission system.
Introduction to the equipment improvement system(The Armorer).
Fly to a planet, make your first contact (Kuiil), and tutorial the animal training system.
Meet up with a badass mission escort(IG-11) who does the heavy fighting, while you putz around learning range weapon targeting and fighting, but still feel tough
Enter a set piece of the game’s Climb/Parkour mechanics against the Jawa crawler.
Get in your first boss fight in(mudhorn), screw up the QTE, and have to be saved by the escortee.

New documentary series on the making of:

Debuts on May 4th of course


New episodes start October 30.

Season 2 trailer:

Should we start a season 2 thread?


By all means…