Andor (starting September 21, 2022)

12 total episodes.
Once it is one episode per week, I personally think no spoilers until the next day (24 hours?), but I’ll go with the majority.
I might be the only one, but I am quite interested in Mon Mothma, and how she kept her activities secret (or how close he gets to being caught)


Andor (first 3 episodes start September 31)

“Heard of the Millennium Falcon? It’s the ship that made the September Run in more than 30 days!”

Oops, asked for a correction.


“Special Look” – basically a greatest hits with just a few new scenes:


Watched the first episode – ArsTechnica says they were glad 3 episodes were released because it doesn’t really get going until episode 3. I presume the Kenari flashbacks will explain what happened to his sister – that part was a bit slow for me but otherwise I was OK with it.
Plan to watch episodes 2 and possibly 3 Friday.


Saw all three, and I liked them a lot. Deliberately paced, but it pays off.
Three things:

  1. It’s nice to see the causes of the Rebellion at the grassroot levels. Up until now it’s all been armies and senators, at least in live action movies and shows.

  2. It probably won’t happen, but while I liked most of what I saw, I hope we never see any of these places or characters (besides Cassian and Stellen Skarsgaard) again. Let it be a self-contained story. I want the main plot to move forward, not look back.

  3. Anvil Tower Guy has it all figured out.

I liked it. The slower pace made you really feel Andor’s tension of needing to leave. I am still not sure what happened exactly on his home planet. What I had expected is it would be this untouched planet that the Empire came and strip mined to oblivion but they talked of an accident so I thought, “oh, the tribe attack will cause an accident” but it then looked like the accident already happened. The final nail in my confusion was it wasn’t even the Empire at all but the Republic unless Maarna was mistaken. So I guess it’s just that he was separated but has reason to believe his sister also made it off and he’s looking for her.

My guess is that it was once a populated world, but some sort of mining or industrial accident released a gas into the atmosphere that killed all of the adults - a gas that was still present, based on the masks the crashed ship’s crew were wearing, and their yellow skin when they died. For some reason, a few children survived and created their own little society.

As for when it happened - based on the characters’ ages, it probably occurred during the Clone Wars, before the Empire. I read somewhere that the crashed ship had Separatist markings, although I can’t verify that.

They have already given Cassian Andor a more compelling backstory than what was given to Han Solo and Chewbacca. I’m enjoying the story so far.

It was a great call to release this first three episodes together, they are really a standalone prologue. Probably should have been one long episode. This is very good so far.


One piece of biographical lore is that Andor started out not against the Empire, but against the late Republic. He actually joined up with Count Dooku’s Confederacy of Independent Systems during the pre-Imperial Separatist Crisis.

Why was I reminded of this 40-year-old Disney movie robot?

Old Bob

Yikes! That’s quite a trip down memory lane. Hans Reinhart and Maximilian - that’s a pairing of names that can’t possibly not be evil.

There’s definitely something off about B2EMO right? He has droid dementia or something. Plus his connection to Cassian and fear of losing him is being expressed oddly.

Good storytelling.

B2EMO stuttering seems to me to be an homage to the robot Twiki from Buck Rogers in the 25th century that Mel Blanc voiced.

When B2EMO came on-screen I said to my wife, “Now anybody can make one of those. When Star Wars came out R2D2 only beeped and there was a guy inside!”

Loved that movie and those robots (and Maximillian too even though he was evil).

Is this the first time anyone has said “shit” in Star Wars?

I feel like Andor and The Mandalorean were what the stories about Han Solo and Boba Fett were supposed to be.

Which stinks since in Georges background notes, Han was a former Imperial officer cashiered after refusing to transport a group of Wookie slaves.

It was awesome.

Just how old is Cassian supposed to be? Its 5 BBY. He is a boy in the flashbacks. The Clone Wars ended in 19 BBY and lasted three years, so 22BBY is when Geonosis happened, and the Jedi and the Republic got their convenient and totally non-suspicious instant Army and Navy..
Diego Luna was 37 during the making of R1, which ended at best a few days before ANH starts. Even if the “adoption” scene takes place during the literal first year, that means the kid is at best 15.
He doesn’t look it.

Unless the Republic had a Navy beforehand?