The Master Returns (Hopefully, possible spoilers).

I know we haven’t had the Doctor Who autumn special yet, but The Sun Newspaper and Doctor Who Magazine have both revealed that John Simm will be reprising his role as the Master in the two Christmas episodes.

The first episode is called “The End of Time”. There is a wiki article on it listing all of the possible cast members.

I know it’s a way off, but this gives me a reason to look forward to Christmas.

Whether the Master appears in person or just flashbacks is not made clear. Personally I hope he returns in the flesh, the Doctor needs his Moriarty.

Well, the Comic-Con trailer (spoilers, obviously) certainly seems to imply an in-the-flesh return of the Master…

That’s really good. I like the return to the classic hooded look from Deadly Assassin and Keeper of Traken.

Another good nod to the original series.

I think the Doctor needs a good recurring villain, but let’s hope the new production team don’t fall into the same trap as the old and have the Master in every series. I love the Daleks, but they have been done to death recently. I don’t want the Master to be the same. As an occasional villain he is brilliant, but like the Daleks he has been overused in the past.

Apprently, other time lords also appear in this episode, whether or not Gallifrey returns has not been stated. I kind of hope not, but think the Master needs to get his own TARDIS back. Logically he must have hidden it somewhere when he used the chameleon arch.

I hope he’s not as manic as he was last time we saw him. The Master is best when he is a quiet menace operating from the shadows.

The Deadly Assassin would have to be my favorite Master story, but my favorite line was Derick Jacobi’s delivery of, “Oh, good! Now, I can say it’s self-defense.”

The psychic lady in “Planet of the Dead” said “IT is returning…through the dark.” I am going to through a guess and say that the planet Gallifrey and the bulk of the Time Lord race weren’t destroyed, but thrown out into that great big void between the parallel dimensions, where all the Daleks where discovered hiding in “Doomsday.”

And wasn’t there some talk about Patrick Stewart playing a character in one of the specials? I seem to recall a thread about that many moons ago, one that provided a confirmation link rather than just speculation. What happened to that?

I’ve been wondering about that too.

And re Daleks:

They’ve been spotted on the set of Matt Smith’s first adventure

Agreed completely. I always felt it was a shame that Jacobi’s Master was only in one episode, he could have been the best since Delgardo. Didn’t he play the Master in the Scream of the Shalka webcast too?

According to the Sun, he was due to play the Meddling Monk in Series 5. Is that the Matt SMith series? The Sun may be a poor excuse for a newspaper, but is often correct in its predictions for Doctor Who.

Is that true about the Daleks? Surely not. I’ll have to Google it.

Sadly, you seem to be right. I shall look forward to seeing the new TARDIS interior though.

You know, I was this ][ close to writing an open letter to Steven Moffat suggesting he give the Daleks at least two years off. But no, that would have been presumptuous. This is the writer that gave us the empty child, the weeping angels, and the shadows that melt the flesh. Surely he doesn’t need me telling him what to do! Perhaps I was wrong. Well, hopefully he won’t have between 200,000 and 5 million of them destroyed at once by having the companion wave her hand or flip the blow-up switch to the on position.

Here’s a trailer for Ten’s ultimate episode, or penultimate episode, or ultimate episodes:

Audio and video are terrible, but it definitely shows some returning characters.

I have mixed feelings about this. I think when you have a big, tearful goodbye for a character, that character needs to stay gone, if not permanently, then at least for a couple of seasons. Bringing them right back cheapens their departure and future departures.

On the other hand, I lovedDonnaand she totally got shafted and it would be nice to have her back. On the other other hand, it’s going to kind of suck if it just becomes a game ofkeep away from Donna or her head will explode.

On the fourth hand, there have been plenty of hints that dreams/hallucinations will figure heavily into the last couple of episodes, which could kind of suck too. I’d rather see the Doctor actually do stuff than imagining he’s doing stuff.

OK, I don’t know how reliable this is but I just read here that Matt Smith’s first adventure will feature the Daleks and Winston Churchill.I’m in.

The Tennant/Tate episodes were series 4. For some reason the specials are numbered as part of the same series, so series 5 will be Doctor 11’s season 1.

Isn’t the title of this thread kind of a spoiler?

Yeah, Den of Geek is where I get most of my Dr Who information.

Ah, sorry, the spoiler wasn’t intentional.

I just hope the Christmas Specials don’t just become a rehash of the end of Series 4 with the Master instead of Davros. With all the guest stars it does have potential to bomb big time.

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