The meaning of Der Trihs

I note he set up a custom avatar here, so he’s been logged in on Discourse. But hasn’t posted since the cut-over.

I also note his avatar is a red-hued scene reminiscent of some exotic planetscape. Maybe he’s Trekkier than I thought. Or at least more SF-y

Associating his name or him with Star Trek never occurred to me, and I absolutely can’t picture anyone like him anywhere in Star Fleet. I assumed it referred to his clearly leftist political views.

And the titular Schlock Mercenary character was first so named (in comic) June 30th, 2000, less than 3 weeks in to the comics run (although he appears in the first strip and is named in the transcript, but that may have been added retrospectively).

My original avatar (the dog from Monopoly) transferred over just fine, so I don’t think it means he’s actually been to the new site.

Kerwadkceb is a Flemish hard cheese.
Wouldn’t want y’all wasting time figuring it out.

Ditto. At least you figured it out on your own. I figured it out from this thread. :flushed: (We really need to get the hand-smacking-forehead emoji back.)

This is all we have.
:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

You mean this one?

It doesn’t carry over in a quoted post. I had to manually copy the image location and paste it in. Still didn’t work.

Color me surprised and edumacated.

I hadn’t been around SDMB on vBulletin for about 2 years before the cutover. Last I knew vBulletin as configured for the SDMB didn’t support avatars at all. So I believed / assumed his avatar was a recent addition.

Per Discourse’s user page on @Der_Trihs, he has been lurking as recently as 2 days ago but still hasn’t posted since the cutover. Assuming I correctly read these user statistics; the more I look at them the less I think that’s a correct interpretation.

Speaking of avatars, it’s a shame real palm trees don’t grow as your (@BigT’s) avatar suggests. That’s make for some cool landscaping. Though they do grow in big Ws. :wink:

This is a little bit closer to a T, but there probably isn’t any money buried under it. :grin:

Yeah, Tuba enabled them after Ed left, as an option. But, even before that, you could set your “account picture” that would only show up on your profile. Sp when avatars were turned on, they defaulted to a smaller version of the profile pic.

Though I’m not sure if the “profile image” option was exclusive to members–two different posters gifted me memberships at different times, and I may have added the image then.

Well, aren’t we happy you came back. @LSLGuy
You’re one of the posters I remember when I first got here.
You seemed a bit saner that others. Who, I now know are sane, but at first y’all seemed scary crazy.:yum:

(I still think you chewed me out about something or another. I was kinda annoying…)

You thought we were crazy? Good grief.


Couple years ago, I started a thread that may be of interest here:

Huh, all those years of seeing “enipla” and only with you pointing it out do I see “alpine” - thanks!

Friend of my brother named his toy schnauzer relliK

Now that Schlock Mercenary has completed, it’s notable that Der Trihs retired long before the strip ended.

That was always my take.