Reversed usernames

The usernames der trihs, enipla and nadnerb are all reversals of other words/names (for der trihs, the words are reversed individually). Not counting palindromic names, are there any others among the denizens of the SDMB?

Hal Briston is also known as Not Sir Blah.


I’ve been warning you people for years! El Ttil is coming!

There’s puonqllads which is a rotation.

Thanks for the clarification. I always thought it was Not Sir Baah.

He hasn’t posted in a while, but I assume that Namkcalbis one.

I searched ‘ralopirt’ to see if it was a word and got links for ‘tripolar’.

Der Trihs

That would be a very bad omen.

Wow, I looked, I’ve got a negro in my name. I’m okay with that.

Isn’t there a poster who goes by sdrawkcab?

That’s easy enough to check.

Yes, banned in 2003.

took me a minute to figure out the clue you gave for that name.

If I reverse my name, google want’s me to be a drug for treating high blood pressure.

For the OP, now that you ask, I can’t think of any beyond those already mentioned.

missed the edit window because the question was too obvious to see right away.

Is dtilque a take on “Euclid”?

Nope. My user name is the most boring kind: first initial and last name. The last name is unusual, so that’s not obvious.

Milwaukee area, do you live?

No, my location is in the “location” field, but that I did reverse. If you know of someone with my last name, it’s almost certainly one of my cousins.

Yeah okay.
San Francisco
ocsicnarF naS

I just had to play with that.

I see now that that was in the OP but I missed it because it wasn’t bolded. My apologies.