Reversed usernames


I don’t know if the name has any meaning in either direction.

There was a poster named **nivlac **for quite some time. Looks like he last posted in 2013.

Was there somebody else?

I thought Wonky was one of those, y’know?

But only among the quadrupedal, ruminant mammals.

Uosdwis R. Dewoh.

Spoilering it so you have a chance to guess what it is if you don’t already know:

It’s Homer J. Simpson upside-down. Can’t quite figure out that D, though

Figured drad dog was someone named Goddard, but of course I don’t know for sure.

If you reverse my first name, you get “flu”–which is what you might get if you FAIL TO WASH YOUR HANDS. Hmm.

Reversing my middle and last names gets you “eht dehsawnu,” which doesn’t get us anywhere interesting. I don’t think I’ll be putting in for a name change to “Flu eht DeHsawnu” any time soon.

susan ain’t nothin but nasus.

ETA: The Curator of the Sands, yo.

There’s the guy who is upsidedown, only upsidedown.


Still waiting to see who will get the one you’re all missing! The answer is out there somewhere!

Isn’t that a rather cynical attitude to take?

I’ve got a lamp if someone wants to go looking

Diogenes, obviously. Now we just need a Ekcol

No one’s mentioned Troppus?

So much for “backwards-masking”, beloved of anti-rock music zealots, being a thing.
I didn’t pick up on most of the names mentioned so far.

Yeah, Senegoid blew me away — because he’s so familiar (long-time Doper), and for most of those years there was a different Doper named Diogenes — but mainly because “senegoid” sounds like an obscure but real word, maybe meaning “moon-like.” Or better, “resembling a West African.”

I’ll admit that, until now, I never picked up on yours either.

Der Trihs didn’t flip a name, so much as it’sfrom the Schlock Mercenary webcomic.

Blame Chief Wiggum, or the writers for not wanting to say “Jewoh.” Here’s the screenshot, they could’ve easily fixed it by making the “r” have a more stylized loop.

Then the writer of Schlock Mercenary flipped the name. The point is that the name is something written backwards.

An anagram, not a reversal, but I was recently pleased to find that my name can be made into Asgard Error Inn. Not only do I want that as a username, I want to start a hotel.