The Mentalist-Nov 3

What episode was that I watched last night? It certainly wasn’t “Fire And Brimstone”, the first part of the Red John finale. I joined the show too late to get the title, and every source I’ve looked at claims that it was “Fire And Brimstone”.

We don’t know either - as the episode started - I was like all deja-vu - then as the episode continued - I got very confused.

It was a repeat of ‘Blood Feud’ from Season 5.

Did they show the repeat everywhere, or just on the West Coast? This is probably the worst scheduled show of all time, they’re almost always late because of football games running over. Should just move it to a different night.

It was a repeat, changed at the last minute due to the football game running long.

Found this from their Facebook page (via Google)

Due to live #NFL Football Sunday, #TheMentalist will now be a repeat episode starting @ 10:59pm ET/9:59pm CT East/Central Time Zones ONLY. #TheMentalist will air at 10:00pm in Pacific Time Zone but will now be a repeat episode.

Ah - I thought it was a repeat at first, then I thought it wasn’t, because I hadn’t seen it before. I was wondering what the guy with the shaky eyes was doing on the show again, but the kid looked old enough. So confused!

I did love the scene with Rigsby and Cho having a tense discussion by the elevator, then Jane shows up and knows exactly what they were discussing. :slight_smile: