The Metroplex: Reloaded (DFW Dopers, come on in!)

Ok, after much wrangling, Moxmaiden and I have finally nailed down our plans this weekend. We will be going to see The Matrix: Reloaded at The UA Galaxy 10 in North-East Dallas(between Jupiter and Garland roads just off of 635) at 7:30(on one of their giant screens). Both Grace and minty green expressed some interest and I apologize profusely that it took so long to get arrangements for all the kiddos made. Moxmaiden and I may be available for coffee or a after-movie get-together but we’ll be swamped up until that time(it is the baby’s 1-year birthday and we’ll have people at the house that afternoon and then be getting stuff together for the monthly sleep-over at Grandma’s). After the movie though we could hit someplace like Cafe Brazil on Abrams and just enjoy the company.

Anyone interested? We can meet at the theatre ~7.


mrs. green has given her blessing to this endeavor. And it might not be a bad idea to purchase advance tickets through that link.

Yea, regrettably the theatre doesn’t operate its own will-call box office. Moviephone is the only way to get advance tickets unless you actually go over there ahead of time. If the theatre were local I’d offer to buy advance tickets for everyone, but it is remote for me as well(we picked it because it’s close to Grandma and we won’t have to leave the baby for too long, plus the giant screens are simply HUGE), so I’ll be phoning in my order.

minty, is mrs. green coming? If so, are you interested in Cafe Brazil or the like afterwards? Enquiring minds and all that.


Haven’t you left work yet? Oh wait, let me guess, the store is letting you use their computer! :stuck_out_tongue:


Back witch!

I’m not a witch, I’m your wife! :wink:

What day are you talking about. I assume Saturday.

Yes, we are talking about Saturday. It will be a very busy day for us. I have a meeting that morning, and Mtgman will be in charge of making sure the little ones don’t destroy the house before I get home. Then we have Emily’s birthday party. After that we are hoping for some time to relax and watch a very good movie. At least that’s what I hope we will be doing. :wink: :smiley:

mrs. green is coming, but Cafe Brazil is up in the air.

Just wanted to bump this back to the first page. Hope to see soem of you tonight.


Aglarond and I will be there. I’m going to purchase our (Mike and I) tickets in advance. I’m up for Cafe Brazil, but I don’t think Mike will. He’s leaving tomorrow for a week long business trip to New York.

See y’all 7:00-ish.