DFW Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society and Doper Gathering

First off, happy birthday, Grace! Sorry I won’t be able to make the festivities, but I’m stuck working on dual appellate emergencies this weekend. (Who knew there were emergencies in appellate law?)

Since I can’t make it to the party today, Mtgman and I have been talking about rounding up some people to go see Dr. Strangelove when it plays as the Midnight Movie next Friday and Saturday (Feb. 28-March 1) at the Inwood Theatre.

If you haven’t been to the Inwood’s Midnight Movies before, they’re a lot of fun. So if anybody’s up to it, I say we meet for a late dinner somewhere (Mtgman suggests Celebration, I’m partial to Cafe Italia, and there are any number of other great restaurants in the area), grab a couple drinks at the Inwood Lounge, and giggle ourselves silly as Peter Sellers blows up the world. Who’s in? And should we make it Friday or Saturday night?

Count me in. I’m bowling Friday evening, but I can make it to the midnight showing on either day.

Would you believe I’ve never seen Dr. Strangelove?

I know Aglarond is planning on seeing the film, but it was with some friends of his, not a doper group. I think he’s shooting for Friday, but he said he and his friends are flexible and may be interested in joining the group. psieker also showed some interest. Lord Jim had printed out your OP and brought it to Grace’s party, so we all talked about it a bit that evening, but everyone was a bit run-down by the time we got out of there(we didn’t get home till ~11 and we left earlier than most).

As predicted, Moxmaiden has absolutely no interest in seeing the film, but said she’d be fine with me going solo. This is one of those double-edged offers because if she’s gotta put all the kids to bed by herself while I go out and have dinner and a movie I’ll be expected to make up for it at her discretion. Hmm… choices, choices.

Ah what the heck, I’m in too. Looks like Saturday night would work better. I’m fine with Cafe Italia, always up to trying new things.


Hooray! After posting the OP, I was suddenly struck with the realization that maybe one hour before Grace’s birthday was not the most favorable time for catching the attention of the DFW Dopers. Looks like I’ve got at least a couple of you interested, though. I’m good with Saturday night too, but let’s see if anybody else wants to join up before nailing down the night.

Come one, come all. First round of refreshments at the Inwood Lounge is on me. :slight_smile:

Well if you’re buying(even if it’s only one round), I’m sure you’ll get even more interest :slight_smile:

Yea, the timing was pretty bad, though everything worked out fine. Lord Jim had printed it and brought it to the party with him and I brought it up as well, so the word got out, even if no one was on the boards to see/reply to it immediately.

Now I gotta break it to the wife :eek:


Saturday is better for me as well; I am almost invariably completely wiped by Friday evening and staying up until past midnight ain’t gonna happen.

So it’s Saturday then? Excellent. I’ll see if anyone else wants to join us.

I think Saturday will work okay for me. I’ll have to check my social calendar and get back with you to make sure.

Excellent. Looks like Saturday it is. I’ve met Grace and Zyada before, and it’ll be great to finally catch up with the rest of you.

I’m interested as well. Saturday is fine with me and I may be able to get a friend to come as well.

Whoa, people who I didn’t even know lived in DFW are showing up. That’s right, keep 'em coming. :cool:

Hmm, if we’re going to have a large group maybe we should see about getting advance tickets. Would suck if we get there and there aren’t enough seats for us all.


Tickets won’t be any problem. The Inwood is huge, and I’ve never seen it more than half-full at a midnight show. We can buy tickets at the box office after dinner, then hang next door at the Lounge until showtime.


Ouch. That’s gonna leave a bruise.

Could I catch a ride with you to this shindig?

Just wanted to bump this and get the planning going. The movie doesn’t start until 12:15, so I suggest meeting for dinner around 9:30 Saturday night. I’m game for Celebration, Cafe Italia (mmmm, beef orsco), or anywhere else y’all care to suggest. Just put your two cents in until we reach some sort of consensus, and I’ll be happy to get the reservation. And as I said, the first round at the Inwood is on me, so start thinking of single malts and exotic fruity things. See you soon!

I say that at this point we need to get a call on the restaurant. Cafe Italia works for me. Unless someone has a serious disagreement with that, I say we go there.

They don’t have karaoke at Cafe Italia do they? I’m fine with it if they don’t, I may have issues if they do :wink: 9:30 sounds fine too


Y’all ready for tomorrow night?

Sorry, minty… I didn’t mean to bump you quite so hard! :smiley: