Helluva night

First, and I’m just bragging here, I got to preview Space Cowboys tonight. I was sooo excited. I was actually gitty on the way to the theater. And the attached preview on Space Cowboys is Red Planet, which looks like a hell of a cool movie. Anyway, SC is a great movie, I reccommend you all check it out.

After the movie, I returned to a friend’s party (I had to leave the party to see the preview), and was pretty bored. Lots of drunk North Carolina School of the Arts kids. Not my bag, really. But, I did see something that I am sure to be telling my grandkids. I saw a guy, not even a drunk guy, eat glass. One of the lights in the kitchen went out, and the host changed it. This guy took the old one, broke it on the floor, picked up a shard, and chomped it. He opened his mouth to prove he actually chewed, and his tongue was all bloody and sliced up. Hell of a party trick, if you ask me. He ended up eating pretty much the whole damn thing because everyone was bringing people from all over the house to see it. (Flup, I’m sorry you missed it. You’re sure to hear me talk about it for years to come.) That was just… cool.

That was pretty much it, I just thought I’d get on here and actually share with my fellow Dopers for once. It’s been a while. And a guy eating glass, how could I not tell?

Oh, okay. I was really just bragging about what a cool night I had. but I might as well give this thread a purpose.

Teeming Millions: What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen at a party?

Yikes !!

I saw a preview for the new “Ripleys, BION” on TBS and one of the segmnents was about a guy who ate glass. I assumed it was some sort of trick . . . but the guy you saw has to be an out and out idiot. I wonder if he is still alive this morning ?

the two things that really worry me are the eventual expulsion of the glass, and the murcery powder that was on the inside. That stuff can’t be good for you.