The Miniature Wargaming Thread.

How many folks here like to play table top miniatures wargaming like Warhammer, Warmachine, Infinity, or the like?

What is your preferred game, what faction do you like to play, and what is it about the game that you like?

Any interesting stories?

Sigh. Alone Again, Naturally.

I play lots of miniatures combat (at least I used to), mainly in the context of AD&D.

I do have a set of Warhammer miniatures, but didn’t really get into it. The dissolution of my old gaming group has left me dependent on MMOs and FPS games, although I would like to do an old fashioned wargame again.

I don’t know if you’d categorise it as ‘wargaming’ necessarily, but I play a lot of Bloodbowl. I’m co-commish of a league in Brisbane which has been running for 15 seasons. (~6 months to season).

Here’s a link to our site where all games are tracked. Brisbane Bloodbowl League

I’ve played a lot of other games (and am still running a D&D campaign), but in the tabletop gaming arena, BB is it. My main attraction to it BB over other games is the development aspect. Your individual players and team as a whole develop and skill up, which makes a massive difference in the capabilities of the team. The sports imulaiton aspect also appeals, in the sense of a season, and you’re trying to make it into the finals.

The Warhammer, et al style of ‘here’s x points, now fight’ gets boring for me pretty quickly.

I used to play BattleTech (with or without Mechwarrior)
But nowadays it is Strategy board games


It was D&D that got me into using minis for gaming. I’d painted minis as part of models before, but RPGs are what made them important for their own sake to me.

Greedy smurf, BB is one of the classics. I’m glad to see that there are still folks playing it. You’re right about the development aspect. It seems like every once in a while, GW will bring out a game with that kind of in-game progress, like Necromunda and Mordheim. But they support it for long. We had a Mordheim group for a while at my gamestore but people who only played on occassion soon found themselves outclassed by guys who had gotten their warbands buffed up with a lot of skills and loot. And one guy in particlular disliked a fair fight and loved beating the crap out of the less powerful opponents. Mordheim was declining anyway, but he pretty much sealed the fate of the game at that store.

N91WP, did you use the hex map sheets, or the non-hex rules?

For GW, it’s 40K all the way at my store. Nobody like WHFB because it’s “too slow” and “You can’t just run and shoot, so it’s boring.”

For non-GW, the biggest hit is Warmachine. I don’t play it and I’m not a fan of the Warjacks motif. But I do llike painting a lot of the characters and other pieces. There’s a Battletech group that meets on most Saturdays, but otherwise that game is a bit slow. And I’ve only seen two guys playing Infinity. This is a shame since it’s a kickass game with a total high-tech atmosphere and none of the Grim Darkness of GW. And the company, Corvus Belli, really seems to like its customers. Certainly not the screw-job one gets from GW.

Patience, Hypno! These threads take time to build. :slight_smile:

I have collected various Heroclix, Star Wars Miniatures, D&D minis - but have never really played any of them as a miniatures wargame. I mainly just collect the figures and occasionally use them as miniatures for RPG sessions.

I do play Warhammer 40K, though. Sporadically. I am about to get back into painting now that my basement is once again warm enough to allow me to paint down there without wearing a parka. My primary faction is the Blood Angels, but I am planning to develop small detachments of other factions to use as allies or alternative forces - mostly loyal Imperials, but maybe some Orks too.

I have enough unpainted, unassembled models to field as a basic legal force from a codex Marine chapter, Imperial Guards, or Grey Knights. (1 HQ, 2 Troop Units) I also have enough unready miniatures to do an Inquisitorial attachment. As far as the Codex SM chapter, I will be doing a custom one, but I haven’t decided firmly which founding chapter’s rules they will use.

As for what I like about the game - the modeling and painting is nice. That’s the biggest draw for me.

Warhammer 40k. That’s all, can’t afford a section minis game, it’d ruin me.

Space Marines (vanilla, made my own chapter called the Black Watch) and Orks. I prefer a highly-mobile, shooty Space Marine force, and a massive horde of footsloggin’ Orks, though I mix it up now and again.

The gameplay itself. For me, the modeling and painting is just a means to an end, I don’t particularly like it for its own sake. I enjoy creating an army list devoted to a particular set of tactics, then trying to execute them against an opponent (or several) who’s trying to do the same.

My favorite game so far was a two-on-two affair, Space Marines and Imperial Guard Steel Legion versus Necrons and Tyranids. The victory condition was control of a bridge, about 24 inches by 9 inches, that spanned a gap between two 6’ x 4’ boards of urban terrain. It was a rollicking affair - a Necron Monolith teleported directly in the midst of my Space Marines and wreaked havoc, the IG just stood off and pounded the bridge with template weapons to stem the tide of Tyranids flowing over it…in the end, it came down to a single Tyranid on the last turn that got 1 stinkin’ inch onto the edge of the bridge, and survived a fusilade from the last of my Space Marine troopers to claim the win. Lousy dice turned on me. Good times, though, wish I played more often, it can be hard to clear a whole day for it.

I am surprised that nobody plays “historical” miniatures - it seems to be all Warhammer and other famtasy systems.

There is a chapter of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society here in FLA. I don’t know all of the games they play. Cassus Belli and Flames of War for sure (and SeeKrieg). But every year they host ReCon and HurriCon. So there is at least some of it going on. I’ve seen Warhammer Ancients played at cons for novelty value but nowhere else.

I forgot to answer my own questions. I don’t really have a preferred game since I never play anymore. That’s because I really prefer the painting and collecting to anything else. As far as factions, I like Space Marine most of all for GW games, followed by IG. I like to paint other factions but not as much. Chaos stuff just seems to blur together into one big mass of spikes, tentacles and skulls. I hate painting Tyranids. I had to do an entire army of them for a friend and he chose yellow ar the main color. The most difficult to paint color ever. Really turned me off to them. Even if I did do an awesome job.

For Infinity Yu Jing, Pan-O, and Haqq are tied for favorite, but it’s really specific models rather than an overall motif that interest me.

Instead of interesting stories, I have rants and complaints. you’ll probably get to hear them some time.

I’ll chime in as a historical miniture gamer. I’ve a few got 15mm DBM armies: Gauls (3-400 rampaging figures), Carthaginians, and Spanish. Tons of 15mm WWII - used for huge 3D Squad Leader games. Assorted Brit/US/German/French colonals and assorted Chinese/Taipeng/Boxer hoards for them to fight. It’s been a while since the boys have been out though.

My friend loves warhammer 40K. His gnat like attention span means painting minatures with a can of spray paint and let fly. I loved D&D years ago but 40k is excruciating to me with it’s pace and minute rule splitting.

I love painting minatures. I make my friend buy cool Adeptus Mechanicus figures just so I can paint them. I have a weakness for mind candy TV that makes me itch for something to do with the other 50% of my attention span. I’ve spent countless happy hours in front of my TV watching crap and painting little people for someone else to use.

Running a machine shop as my day job has unlimited possibilities. Over the span of many many evenings after hours I built him twin spectacular 7 story towers with stainless steel sculptures as accents that rotated on bearings powered by an electric train motor.

It had removable panels for troop movements, that was a magnificent centerpiece to what I’m told was an epic 3 dimentional battle that took weeks to play out.

Now that is sweet! A friend of mine is a mechanic and he definitely gets good use out of his machining skills. He’s a steam engine fanatic and when the new Empire Steam Tank came out he converted it by adding and changing all the parts he knew a real steam engine would need. He’s been helpful to me more than once since his shop has a sonic cleaner which is great for stripping minis without chemicals or effort.

To Answer Hypno-Toad’s question:

I played the non-hex version once (or maybe twice), but usually played BattleTech with hexes.


I prefer the hex maps. Really speeds up the game and cuts down on arguments.