The 'Minute with Stan Hooper' pool:

OK, how long do you think this one will stay on the air? I’m going to go with 5. For the tie breaker, I’ll say they’ll change the timeslot after the third show.

Bah, obviously I meant 5 shows…

Will it actually be good? The setting seems incredibly complicated for a show starring Norm McDonald.

I’ll say six episodes, but hope for less since I loathe Norm. Then again considering some of the stuff ABC keeps on for long periods of time, what the hell do I know?

It’s sad that even a meager talent Like Colin Quinn could do a Norm impression on Tough Crowd a bout a month ago, and sum up Norm’s comedic persona completely in about 10 seconds. I laughed more at Quinn “doing” Norm than I ever have at the man himself.

I’ll bet on 4 episodes, if it even makes it that far. The commercials make it look like a dumbed-down Newhart to me.