The misery of procrastination...

I have to start a particularly unpleasant stage of my digital logic design final project today. I really need to start immediately, but I’m really not looking forward to it. Instead, I’m reading articles from back issues of the Economist.

So, I make a deal with myself: I’ll start working on my project in what I presume is a few minutes, at 1:30 AM.

Then, I glance at the clock - it’s already 1:31.

Goddamn it.

I feel you. I’m in the middle of law school midterms. This is my last year. I’m so beyond burnt out I can’t even describe it. In the past few days I’ve caught up on all the threads here, caught up on all my television shows, then read recaps of said shows online, and reconnected with all of my high school friends on myspace.

I’ll get studying any minute now…

I used to procrastinate. I found it helps a lot to make a list of all the tasks I’ve got to get done and tackle the most difficult or unpleasant one first. That way, I’m “over the hump” early on and it’s easy sailing after that. If I put off the tough task while doing the easy ones, the tough one just starts looming ominously in my mind and I get scared of it and I tend to procrastinate more.

Tell me about it. I’ve got a packed week, a big deadline on Friday, and have come into work on a Saturday.

So why am I here…?

I have a theory on this-but I’ll post it later.


Yeah, I never get around to procrastinating.

I should be writing the final paper for my Collapse of Ancient Societies class but I have managed to find numerous distractions to entertain me in the mean time. I woke up, reorganized the music on my computer in folders by artist, baked some chocolate chip cookies, watched some football and washed my clothes. The way I see it, I cannot start until the Rutgers game is over anyway so I might as well procrastinate…It is going to be a very long night at this rate.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after.

Good God, been there done that, may go back there again. :smack:

These last few months I have had a clean plate, no school (got the damn MPA in June) no more volunteer obligations, and the crease between my brow has softened from this lack of stress!!

Though as I am procrastinating on the job hunt, that brow crease will be coming back soon, I fear. :dubious:

Good timing on this; I just spent the last 4 hours playing wow, and during that time I managed another 1 page on my research paper (1 of 2). In the next two weeks I need to finish off two programs, write two papers, prepare two presentations, and finish off the last homework. God I love the end of the semester.

I’ve got a term paper due tuesday. I started it yesterday. Shit. I need an A on it, too.

Revisions on a project and another term project due Friday, the same day as a test in a third course, and of course, there’s the tests on Wednesday and Thursday.

And, of course, I’m slacking off here and watching the Horatio Hornblower DVDs. :smack: :smack:

The OP sounds exactly like my situation. I’ve got to finish a bit of my final year computer science project for this Friday. But:

a) I don’t really understand what I’m doing.
b) I can’t be bothered doing any work at all.
c) I’ve somehow convinced myself that the work is easy, and will only take at most a day to implement.

I’ve spent all day playing Day of Defeat and reading crap on the Internet.

I’ve had a minor cold that I thought went away but it has come back with a vengeance. I kept waking up all throughout the night to blow my nose. Tomorrow I have two tests back-to-back. I’ve been preoccupied with being sick all weekend and haven’t studied at all. I also have a test on Tuesday and paper due Thursday. I really need to start studying.

I have a presentation to give on Tuesday and haven’t started a lick of it. Tomorrow, I say, as I said every day since last Tuesday, when it was assigned.

This presentation is connected to a term paper, which is due next Tuesday. If I started writing the paper tomorrow, instead of just working on the Power Point presentation, I could kill two birds with one stone. Let’s see how well that goes.

I have a huuuuuuge paper due Dec 15. and I haven’t even decided what topic I’m going to research.

I’m trying to set up a meeting ASAP for twenty people who, for the most part, can’t be bothered to answer their e-mail or their phones. I don’t have a room to put them in anyway.

I’m going to start trying to do something about it just as soon as I finish reading this message board. Thing is, people keep posting new and interesting stuff…

please shoot me

My first midterm is in 6 hours and 20 minutes. I’ve spent a grand total of 30 minutes studying today. I’ve spent a total of about 2 hours surfing the net.

Senoritis sucks great big monkey balls.

Yay, fellow procrastinators!

I actually got a lot of work done yesterday - churned out the first 5 pages of my paper in less than two hours. This morning I’ve managed to write a grand total of 2. Plus I have a head cold.

My goal is to finish this thing before it’s time to watch Heroes. Hm.

Absolute -
One thing to know about procrastination is that everybody does it. So if your assignment is late there may be no crisis. In the software business, “deadlines” are really just projections. Unlike the deadline at a daily newspaper, where the term originated, there are no presses that will start rolling with or without your submission. Everything just slides out and a new projection is made. So you end up delivering product to the latest deadline and try to be happy with that.

Yay! Two huge projects finally complete and turned in as of this early morning at 2 am. I’d know about them all semester, but I started work on them on Friday night. :smack:

Now I just have two finals* to take, and the semester will be over.

  • I haven’t even thought about studying for them yet. I still have two days.