The MMP that gets songs stuck in your head

Ever get hooked on a song and can’t get enough of it for several days or weeks? Sure, we all do! Especially me. My aim here is to get these songs stuck in your head as well because I watched Sesame Street as a wee kitten and learned about sharing.

Through the wonders of the interwebs, I present to you:

Faithless - Mass Destruction

Earth, Wind, & Fire - September

Def Leppard - Waterloo Sunset*

ELO - Four Little Diamonds

*Afternoon Blonde at irk made this video for me. :smiley:

I do that sometimes too. I’ve only heard one of your four so far as I recall though (“September”). I don’t like metal, so wouldn’t be interested in Leppard, and don’t remember the other two without checking the video (and DH is grumpy enough right now).

Since I don’t know any of the songs you posted, I’m good. And I won’t even suggest “It’sASmall World After All”…


Off to work. Happy Monday!!!


:resolves not to click on links:
:meanwhile humming the song that doesn’t end: :smiley:

Good morning! This is the first day that I’ve actually felt mostly human in a long time. I have no idea why that is and hope that it isn’t related to the large amount of ice cream that I ate yesterday because I won’t be doing that again any time soon. :dubious:

Today it looks like I’ll finally be getting some new tires for my van which are overdue by almost a year. I got a nice check yesterday from one of the galleries which sells my stuff and so off to the tire shop I go, especially since I’ve got to travel to PA for my show this weekend. Speaking of my nice check, I was the top selling artist there over the last 3-4 months which is really kind of nice. It also may have to do with the fact that my items are relatively low in price and thus I made money by volume which, hey, works for me!

ETA: I think it’s freebie’s birthday. I seem to be receiving conflicting information.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis a pleasant 72 Amurrkin out with what seems to be relatively low humidity with a predicted high of 92 for the day and hopefully less humid. I get to go waaaaaaaaay over to the west forty this mornin’ to find out why one of my participants has flaked out and not showin’ up to her trainin’ site and to enroll a new person. Should take up most of my day as the trip itself is a hunnert and forty mile round trip. Rah.

I usually don’t get songs stuck in my haid. When I do it’s usually a hymn from Sunday deheathenization. Some of them get stuck in my haid and stay there for a few days when I hear/sing 'em. Then again, sometimes we’ll sing a hymn like All Things Bright and Beautiful. I sing the real hymn outloud but in my head I hear this. :smiley:

Yay for successful show StickyBuns!

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy is hongry. Then, alas, 'tis Moanday so purtification for irk must commence.

And now this…



Happy Moanday Y’all!

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive
Uh, Uh, Uh, huj
Stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeee

Tell Laura I Love Her…

Daddy Don’t you walk so fast…

I’ve been to paradise,
but I’ve never been to me…

I think I was wrong about freebie’s birthday. I think that it might not be for another week. I blame social media.

Morning all,

A very merry unbirthday to you Freebie!

Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

Full of Moanday blurfs!

too blurfy to add any earworms to the list

I has the yawnies. I’m not terribly blurfy, but I’s tahrd.

Had to go into the city for a bridal shower on Saturday–two of my least favorite ways to spend a day combined into one! I am officially never ever trying to navigate Penn Station with my 92-year-old grandma ever again. She refused to believe us when we simply read the signs and said “We should go this way.” She wanted to ask everybody we saw if we were going the right way. Since she was leaving the shower with a different aunt and not coming back with us, we also had her suitcase in addition to wrangling a three-year-old while trying to figure out exactly where my other cousin was meeting us. I would not have been surprised to hear “Yakety Sax” playing in the background.

Today I get to go to the dentist for a fun little thing on my gum that is probably an abcess. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not going away either, and I’d rather get it checked out, even if it means going to the damn dentist. Sigh. I have medical/dental/therapeutic appointments after work every day this week except Friday. I am not thrilled about that.

Thanks Spaz I saw you post and left it to you. Oddly my idea was similar…

The Piano has been drinking MMP

Happy Moanday all


Gahhhhh!!! Make it stop!!


Happy Moonday!

I know for most of you it’s MoanDay but since I get to pick my hours I choose to take Moonday mornings off.

It’s a beautiful cool 63 degrees outside with a projected high of 77.

Nothing on the agenda today except irk and some straightening up around here.
I got some disappointing news yesterday, the HFH from hell comes back Thursday, not next Tuesday as is written on the calendar.
I need some chocolate.

Now for your earworm pleasure

*Here’s a llama, there’s a llama and another little llama
Fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama llama duck

I have “Under Pressure” stuck in my head. Could be worse.

It IS worse. I am back at irk after a week off. I didn’t go anywhere but hung around the house, watched tennis, did a spot of painting, slept 9 hours every night. Last night I got 5 hours of sleep…

Ha! I love it!

“Waterloo Sunset” is a cover of a Kinks song. Not very metal at all.

Indeed. It could be “Ice Ice Baby.” :smiley:



You said that, and my mind went to ZZ Top’s Got Me Under Pressure, which would not be a bad earworm to have.

ETA: My earworms tend to be stuff like The Arrogant Worms’ Rippy the Gator. Look it up, I’m at irk so I can’t link.

So, the air conditioning is leaking into the apartment below us again, and my very awesome neighbor has begged me to get a pro in to look at it. So guess who’s going home at lunch to shut it off and then taking the day off tomorrow? I just kind of hope that that’s what the problem is and we don’t have some kind of plumbing catastrophe to deal with, as well.