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As y’all know, we’re preparing for a move this summer. I’ve been think a lot about all the places I’ve lived over the years-

Grew up in Buffalo and moved to the 'burbs when I was 9.

Moved to outside Boston for college and never really came home again.

Moved to Pittsburgh for grad school- three different apartments there.

Moved to St. Louis for post-doc and picked up a hubby and kid along the way. Two houses there.

Off to San Diego, two places there as well. ANother kiddo while we’re at it.

Back East to CT, two different places and our first purchased home.

Now moving to NY, almost full circle. Two degrees, 5 different jobs, a marriage, two kids, lost a FIL and a father along the way.

I’m defined by my moves and yet grounded in being a weird combo of Buffalo and NE. Pgh, STL and SD had much less an impact on me, though I enjoyed having lived in so many parts of the country. Will we stay in NY or move again? Given my track record… well, we’ll have to see!

Where have you guys lived? What was the greatest impact on you?

Wow Soapy, I came to lurk in the MMP and here is the new one! It’s only 8:27 here on the west coast! Good OP, and I’ll be back with the moves in my life, it’s going to take me a bit to remember every one.


Lived in:
Milwaukee, Wis.
Kinston, Wilmington, Durham, N.C.
Raleigh, N.C.(8 places in 22 years) I guess Raleigh has had the impact, because everywhere else, I was only there 2-3 years. Of couse, I’m spending a lot of weekend time in Rolesville, since my “just friend”:slight_smile: is there.

I was born in Ft Sill, OK and lived in Lawton, OK, right outside the gates. While still a toddler, we moved from there to Springfield, OR to live with my grandparents while my Dad went to Vietnam for a year. When he returned, we left Springfield, OR and moved to Germany for three years.

In 1970, we moved back to the States and were stationed at Ft Lewis, WA. Two years later, my parents bought a house in Tacoma, WA and we moved again. Not even a year later, my parents split and I lived in that house, until I was 19 or twenty. I moved out and got an apartment with my then boyfriend (now husband). We lived in that apartment a couple years, and then moved again to another apartment in Tacoma. We lived there for a few years, where I became pregnant with my daughter (we had been married for three years at this point). In 1991, we bought our first house, and moved to Puyallup. We lived in that house until 2003, where we bought another house, again in Puyallup.

We’ll probably stay in this house for several more years, then we plan to move to a house where we don’t see our neighbors. We want to live in a more rural area, and probably closer to the mountains.

There are times, I’ve thought about taking jobs in different parts of the country, or even overseas, but for now we’re staying here.

Our parents are all here, and they’re becoming elderly, especially my MiL. In fact, I was strongly considering a move to DC when my FiL died. My husband didn’t want to leave his Mom here alone, so we stayed.

So, I haven’t really lived in that much of the country, or even world, but I have traveled over a great part of the US. I have to say, I really do love it here.

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Soapy great OP. I’m one of the Mumpers who hasn’t moved too much. I grew up and went to college in the same town. I taught school in a rural county 30 miles east of ye olde hometowne for a year. Then back to ye olde hometowne where I lived and irked ten more years. Then a move to Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL for three years and finally down heah in southwest Jawja for the past 21 years. Guess I’ll be stayin’ here a while bein’ as da cave is all paid for and I’m not wantin’ to go through the ordeal of sellin’/buyin’ another place anytime soon.

Tonight is men’s night at the church house. Thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is a chillin ‘. I am goin’ in to the office for a while this mornin’ and thinkin’ I’ll come back to da cave to irk from home for a good part of the day. I have a bunch of paperirk to deal with and since that’s all done electronically these days, I prefer the peace and quiet of da cave to deal with it all.

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I was thinking about that a couple of days ago- I grew up in one house, only moved out for a bit for colleges, and then moved back in while I waited to get married. Since we were married we’ve moved four times. Where were are now is the first place we’ve stayed in for more than two years, and the house where three of our children have been born. I like it here- we have a nice house and amazing neighbours.
Back to bed. Happy holiday Monday to everyone who gets a holiday today! :smiley:

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Not surprisingly, I did a bit of moving while in the Navy. But from the start:

Born in San Diego (dad was in the Marines at the time)

Moved to Baltimore when I was about a month old (dad got out of the Marines and we lived with his folks for 2 years)

Moved to suburbs of Baltimore where I lived till I was 19.

Navy moves:

Orlando, FL - boot camp - barracks, 2 months
Memphis, TN - training - barracks, 9 months
Vallejo, CA - training - barracks, 1 month-ish
San Diego, CA - first squadron - barracks (5 months), then my first apartment (1.5 years)
Newport, RI - training (three separate occasions) - barracks, 2-3 months each time
Lafayette, IN - training - OK, college, but sent there by the Navy - 3 different apartments in slightly over 3 years
Pensacola, FL - training - BOQ (officers don’t live in barracks… :wink: ) 3 months
Washington, DC - assigned to the Pentagon - temporarily with my family in Baltimore, then bought my first house - 30 months total
Memphis, TN - training - BOQ - 3 months
Athens, GA - training - BOQ - 2 months
Jacksonville, FL - second squadron - shared apartment for a few months, bought second house where I lived for not quite a year
Sigonella, Sicily - deployment for the summer - BOQ
Returned to Jax, met and married, bought first house with FCD (owned it barely over 2 years)
Rota, Spain - deployment for 2 months - BOQ
Returned to Jax and got out of the Navy.

All of this was in the Jax area:
Sold first 2 houses I’d bought, rented out house **FCD **and I had bought and moved aboard our boat , 14 months

Sold house to tenants, bought a smaller place and moved off boat, 3 years

Sold smaller place and bought house on lake - 7 years

King George, VA - bought another house - 3 years

Orange Park, FL - bought another house - 4 years

Southern Merrylande - lived aboard boat for a few months, then bought this place. Been here 8 years come July.

We’re done moving till we get wheeled to The Home, altho I suppose if we hit a big lottery, we’d consider a place on the Chesapeake Bay. But since we don’t buy lotto tickets, that’s probably not going to happen.

Yeah, we weren’t too smart about our real estate decisions early on. Had we known our stays in King George and Orange Park were going to be so shore, I think we’d have rented. We did learn eventually.

Happy Monday!!

Kinston, NC is a great town to move away from… :wink:

Counting only the places I’ve lived since gradjumacating high school, and counting zipcodes, not addresses:

Goshen, Angola, Bedford, and Indianapolis, IN;
Hampton, VA
Gatesville, NC
Lexington Park, MD

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I know!

Erik Estrada did nothing for me in the 70’s - and does even less now.

When I was born, we lived in one house in Great Neck, NY

in 1960, we moved to a second house in GN; this one Dad built and Mom decorated

During the early 60s, Dad was a developer in Florida, so we spent severla months from '61 to '63 going back and forth between NY and FL While in Florida, we lived in West Palm Beach, Pampano Beach, and West Palm Beach again (all sublets) Once I started Kindergarten, we stopped travelling down to be with Dad when he went.

in 1972, we moved to the third house in GN; my dad oversaw the building of this (and the whole block) and my mom designed the layout and decorated.

in 1976 I went to college: Freshman year in one dorm; Sophomore and Junior in another, and Senior year off campus.

in 1980 back home to house # 3 in GN

in early 1983 I moved out of my parents’ home to Huntington Station

in late '83 I moved to Hicksville

in '89 I moved to Levittown

in '94 (after Mom passed away, and Dad was too depressed to do much of anything) House # 3 in GN was sold, and I bought the Farmingdale house, which I will be selling this year.

As for where I’ll move to in '12, I don’t yet know, but it’ll be within 10 mile of where I am

And finally, if all goes according to plan, in '23, I will retire to Eastern MA to be near the Nephews, Neices, and Rosebuds.

Have a pleasant week.

Soapy a dream about Erik Estrada is cause to enter immediate long term therapy. You are a very disturbed individual. :smiley:

I can’t count how many times I’ve moved!

Born in Houston and lived with my parents in one house until I was 17, but I’ve lived in:

Twin Lakes, CO - a few months
Dallas, TX - 2 years?
Denton, TX - a few months
Angleton, TX - 1 or 2 years
West Columbia, TX - a few months
Mansfield, OH - 2 years
Ashland, OH - 1 year
Corning, NY - a few months
NYC, NY - a few months

In Houston, I’ve lived all over town. I’ve easily moved twenty times while renting. But for the last 20 years I’ve only lived in two houses that I’ve owned.

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Let’s see…

[ul][li]Born in Westfield MA, in the hospital where my maternal grandfather practiced medicine; lived in Cambridge MA until the ripe old age of 9 months.[/li][li]Aliya to Israel, a couple of months in my paternal grandfather’s place in central Tel Aviv, then moved to apartment #1 in Ramat Aviv (a northern part of Tel Aviv.)[/li][li]Age 4, move to apartment #2 in Ramat Aviv. Grew up there; my father lives there to this day, with several side-trips to:[/li][list][li]Age 7, one year in a rented house in Newton MA (father on Academic Sabbatical).[]Age 16, one year in a different rented house in Newton MA (parental Sabbatical again)[/li][li]Age 17, one year in the on-campus dormitories to University of Rochester NY[/ul] []Age 18, several months after getting back to Israel from the US, rented apartment with 2 flat-mates in Haifa, near the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)[]Age 19, apartment #2 in Haifa[]Age 22, back to parents’ place while I did my 3-year mandatory military service (essentially unpaid) :([]Age 25, on the day I got my first paycheck as a contract officer, rented my own apartment in Ramat Gan (a satellite city of Tel Aviv) :D[]Age 26, another rental apartment, this time in Yad Eliahu, a Southern neighborhood of Tel Aviv.[]Age 27, rented an apartment in Ramat Aviv (#3) with my then-GF-now-wife.[]Age 28, moved into our own apartment in Ramat Aviv (#4)[/list][/li]
… Age 48 – still in the same place.

I lived in Kent WA until I was 18, rarely traveled outside the county.
At 18 I joined the Air Force. Training in San Antonio TX and Montgomery AL then to Amarillo TX where I met my first husband and had my only child.
He was from Lee’s Summit MO, just outside Kansas City. We lived there for a few months, then moved back to Renton WA, between Seattle and Kent. We lived three places there until, we bought a little house.
We stayed just a year, until my grandfather died, then back to KC, lived in a couple apartments then a house his grandparents owned. I went to school, divorced, more school, another two apts and another house, then back to Seattle. Two apts, one house then became a travel nurse. I had no home, but lived and worked in New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles. Met husband #2 moved to Vista CA, in north San Diego Co. Divorced, moved closer to work in downtown San Diego.
Went back to traveling; Austin, San Francisco then back to Seattle, rinse, repeat every 3 months for 2 years. Finally settled in Seattle, lived in 3 apts and a house. Met the love of my life, we bought a house, got married and here I am until he retires.

And he picked his feet! While sitting on the kitchen counter. :shudder: