OMG, I'm the first? An MMP

I can’t believe I’m the first. It’s Monday morning, I’m just about to head out the door on my way to work, and I check the Dope. Yay me!

My dog is looking at me reproachfully because I won’t let him eat the cat’s food.

Morning all! I’ll get coffee at work!

Last week’s thread:

And naturally, I double posted. Can a mod close the second thread?


ETA: Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 93 and only a twenty percent chance of rain today. Imagine that! Of course, I need to go to the south forty today so it’ll probably be some Ark buildin’ like of torrential downpour there.

Thanks for startin’ us off Baker! We need to work on a nickname. Get busy folks! :smiley:

Ok, that’s all I got. Need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence. Le Sigh.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


Baker, maybe we should start calling you Cookie! I don’t get time to check the Dope before I go to work. The morning routine is get up, shower, dry hair, get dressed, feed cats, make lunch, have breakfast, drink tea, brush teeth and head out. That’s all condensed into an hour and doesn’t include any additional activities like putting the rubbish bins out and stuff like that. I get about 10mins to eat breakfast and drink my tea before I have to get ready to leave the house so there’s no much time to do anything else. My commute door-to-door is an hour and a half but that involves a walk to the bus stop, bus to the city centre, walk to the station, train to the big city, walk to the bus stop, bus to campus, then walk to my building.

I’m stopping for a cup of tea now though, I’ve worn myself out just thinking about getting here.

Sara Lee?
Dolley Madison?

No, it’s not the senator from Maryland, exactly… altho someone in her family had a bakery near where my grandparents lived and it was *gooooooooooood *stuff!! I’m pretty sure it’s the reason my grandmother never learned to bake.

Moving on.

Nothing like starting the day with a cat peeing on a pillow. Fortunately, it wasn’t the one I was sleeping on - it was a spare. But still, I don’t know what’s with this idiot. The cat box was pretty clean for first thing in the morning. He might have been ticked at me for disturbing him when he was warm and comfy, but I needed to turn over, dammit! Stoopit cat.

It’s quite cool right now - my desktop gadget says 59°. It’s an off day for crab monitoring, so I’m planning some garden time. More specifically, weeding time. **FCD **is going to mow, then he’ll bring the cart to where I’m weeding and haul away what I’ve pulled up. Teamwork - rah!! :smiley:

And so it begins.

Happy Moanday!!

For shame- call yourself English Boofae? Biscuit, please :wink:

Got two house shares to look round this afternoon- accidently agreed to be at them only an hour apart, oops. Luckily they’re literally a street apart (which I didn’t check before agreeing), so I should be able to make it. It’s a nice area, so I hope one of them’s ok!

Anyway, the sun’s finally come out, so I should go shoo down and do some gardening for a bit. Still need to work on clearing my new jungle… I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday at least, though I’m still a bit fragile, so I’m not really rushing.

Blurf. It’s Moanday.

Baker already has a nick. Why would you want to name **The Death Mistress **anything else?



Nuts, I’m giving in to the cultural majority since us Brits are a definite minority here! If I said “biscuit”, that would leave them wondering exactly what I meant since I most certainly wouldn’t put gravy on my biscuits!

Good luck with the house stuff today, appendages crossed that one of them suits you and the fishies.

Yawn. Morning, all. Wedding four for this year is down. Wedding five is in October, and then I’m done for the year. Except another one of my cousins went and got engaged this weekend, so I’d better start figuring out the wedding calendar for next year.

Boofae, that’s a lot of stuff to do in the morning. I can’t even get that far. Wake up, shower, makeup and hair, out the door. Roomie walks and feeds the dog, and I usually check on the cat food sometime in the evening. I have to schedule my mornings tight, because if I have too much time to sit around, I start wondering if I really need to go to work. :slight_smile:

Just found out my oldest cousin turns 70 today. Next-oldest cousin will be 70 next year, when my mom hits 80 and I hit 60.

No point - just had to share. :smiley:

The weekend disappeared entirely too qui

I totally agr

First load of clothes in the washer, one more in the on-deck circle. **FCD **just started up the mower, but I won’t start pulling weeds till I’m done with laundry. I did empty and refill the dishwasher, so there’s that. Plus I’m dressed - another accomplishment. :smiley:

Tax-free weekend is over so now I guess it’s safe to venture into Wallyworld. I need to use up the last of my Christmas gift card.

My oldest cousin’s 54, and my youngest is 15. I don’t have many cousins, but they have a pretty impressive age spread!

Every time I go to go some gardenin’, it starts raining… Terribly irritating.

I am Carnivorousplant, er, Flytrap, and I approve this message.
That message.
Can I get back to you on this?

BooFae, how about a bacon <snerk> buttie? What the heck is a bacon <snerk> buttie anyway? I only know about them from Keeping Up Appearances.

In other news, I got nuffin’

If “Keeping Up Appearances” is what you’re going by, you’d need to be a bit more specific. Hyacinth’s bacon buttie would be very much different from Onslow’s version of it! Normally it’s a bread roll with bacon in it and some kind of sauce, the debate rages over whether it should be brown or red sauce. Of course, Hyacinth would probably make it a bacon sandwich (with the crusts cut off, naturally) with carefully measured slices of bacon and a small dish of HP Sauce on the side, whereas Onslow would have a roll slathered with butter, half a dozen rashers of bacon and a generous dollop of tomato sauce.

See? Even a bacon buttie’s not simple!

Happy Moonday!

It’s 58 degrees outside 58 flipping degrees IN AUGUST
I’m not complaining, I like 58 degrees in the morning but something aint right when it’s this cool in what should be the hottest month of the year.

Of course around here the AC is still on :rolleyes:

I thought the HFH was going out but no, just my mother’s bf going out and HFH had to jump up and run out and move her car into the driveway because she has to beat me to it. Like I’m going to run out there so I can get the driveway first. It’s funny to watch her waddle her fat ass out there so she can get it first, when I don’t even want the damn thing. I prefer the street because the neighbor has a big assed van and you can’t see cars coming when you try to back out of the driveway. I just think it’s funny that no matter what time of day or night they leave she is right out there making sure she gets the driveway first.

Boofae you make me tired and want to crawl back into bed just reading what you have to do in the am.

So I start watching kitties again today, a last minute trip for the clients. I have piddle pup again this weekend and hell pup on Wednesday.

Funny how I went for quite a while with no pet sitting to speak of and now when I am getting ready to move out of the area everybody is calling me. I don’t know when I should tell them all I am leaving, I don’t want to tell them too soon in case something goes wrong and I don’t move, but I don’t want to tell them too late and leave any of them hanging for a sitter. If I knew somebody to recommend I wouldn’t feel so bad giving short notice but I have been phasing out pet sitting and don’t know anybody in the business anymore. I stopped taking new clients years ago and I’m down to only about 10 left from over 100.

I have to talk to the realtor today and decide what I want fixed and what to let go and take care of later. I agree with** FCM** with what should be done. Those are all safety issues the insurance company will probably want done anyway.

42 days til closing!
as long as nothing goes wrong

**sari **- does HFH know about the imminent move, or are you just going to disappear? :smiley:

First load on the line, second will be done soon. Mowing is done. Soon, I shall be weeding. Good times!!