First MMP by "Who?"

In the last pages of the last MMP thread, I was nicknamed “Who?”. So I guess you could say this is Who?'s first MMP.

So, tell us how life is…

So… who’s on first, then?


Waiting for it to cool off so I can sleep. Gotta be up at 6 so I can’t wait until 1 a.m. Like I have this weekend. :mad:


Blurfity blurf.

First job this morning when I got to irk was a quick trip to the shop on campus for some milk as mine was more like yogurt.

Last night, I got around to stripping and remaking the bed. Taz is especially annoying during this process - he gets under the sheets as I’m trying to tuck them in. So I picked him up to toss him out of the bedroom, but he freaked and I ended up bleeding. I’ve got a long scratch on my right wrist that looks like a failed suicide attempt, plus an inch+ long scratch on the side of my right hand, and a couple of small scratches on my arm.

**FCD **found a couple of bandaids that covered most of the two biggest scratches and kept me from bleeding all over the place. I just took the bandages off and the wrist scratch looks particularly ugly. Stoopit cat. :mad:

Then 4:45 this morning, Taz leapt from the window sill to the bed, landing on my legs and scaring the crap out of me! I wasn’t able to fall back to sleep, so here I am. Stoopit cat. My sweetie woke up briefly, but I told him to go back to bed - we don’t have to leave for several hours. Plus I like my quiet time in the morning.

Today’s plans: **FCD **is going to drive to my mom’s house, taking Higgs. I’m going to drive to my sister’s house to get her and her dogs, then head up to Mom’s. I’ve got the title for the Scion and both sets of keys - can’t believe this’ll be the last time I drive my car. <deep sad sigh> It’s dumb but I really like this car and I hate to give it up. Still, 2 retirees trying to economize don’t need 3 vehicles, and the savings in annual registration, insurance, and maintenance is a pretty good chunk of our reduced budget. Plus my sis really needs a decent car.

On the bright side, Mom is taking us all out to lunch at a Chinese place that she’s raved about to me several times. So there’s that. And it’s supposed to rain all day, so we won’t be doing any deck work (that, and we don’t have the wood yet.) Anyway, that will be my day.

I posted a “Job Wanted” ad on Craigslist - any surprise that the only response so far is a total scam??

I find it interesting that so many scammers feel the need to assure potential victims that they’re good Christians. Unless I’m looking for a job at a church, why should I care about your beliefs? :rolleyes: Then again, he might legitimately want to pay me $400/week for part time work as his personal assistant. What cracks me up - his initial reply to my ad described the “job” and I wrote back asking where it was located. The above was the response to that question. Idiot.

Incidentally, where is the nation of Chain?? :rolleyes:

Heck of a way to start the day! Happy Moanday!!

PS - for the record, I think Nonny would have been a better nickname. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis a hyoooooomid 72 Amurrkin out and cloudy. Today’s predicted high is 89 with rain/tstorms/apocalypse all day and night. We shall see.

Thanks Who? for startin’ us off! Life is well, it’s Moanday and irk beckons.

MOOOOOOM I take it Taz is on The List. I understand about the car btw. Whenever it’s been time to trade in a vehicle I’ve really enjoyed it’s kinda sad.

Ok, now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


::Waves at Soapy::

Awwww, I’ve been in that car and understand why you would be sad, FCM. Watch those cat scratches - they can make you REALLY sick (as I’m sure you know…but, still…I worry).

Am up earlier than normal because a) brother is leaving on a business trip shortly, and 2) I promised nephew I’d be home as early as possible, so I’m going into work early. So much to do!

Gotta get moving, but thought I’d check in before I get lost in the week.

ETA: thanks for getting us started off, Who?!

Hugs all.


What a nice pun,** Soapy**. :wink:

For some reason, instead of April showers, we usually get May or June showers. I remember the time when it rained in our twenty or so out of thirty June days. Today, yet again we have a 90% chance of precipitation. Right now, it is 59 degrees Fahrenheit and clear and is expected to reach 77 today.

After I posted I remembered that I have to be out in the east forty for a good part of today. This means, of course, that there will be rain/tstorms/plagues/pestilence/famine/fire/flood/apocalypse. This is especially true because I have to go to several places some of which are from twenty to thirty miles apart. Southwest Jawja is doomed, doomed, I say!

Happy Moonday!

I’m glad my Moondays aren’t Moandays. One of the perks of being self employed and choosing your own hours is that I don’t have to get up early and go to irk on Moondays. I don’t have to purtify either, just roll over, sit up, roll my desk closer, and log in.

It’s 70 degrees outside, grey and muggy with a projected high of 77.

I know how you feel FCM, I almost cried when I got rid of my last truck. To make it worse it got towed away to the Junk yard.

I turned my phone off last night, something I never do and it only charged to 80% in 9 hours. It used to charge to 100% in a few hours and that is when it was turned on and in use.
I hope it is some easy fix and not that I need a new phone. No matter how much data you transfer you always lose something. It’s been acting up anyway with the screen going blank, and the settings keep changing so that it vibrates only instead of ringing.

Have to fix the printer today. I think I just need to print test pages and go through all that crap. I hope that is all it is.
Then I can print the photos and finish the announcements.

I have to email pages and pages and pages to the new mortgage broker.
We need to go grocery shopping. Well, I don’t need to go grocery shopping but the Sah-son does. I have plenty to eat here, Mr Picky does not.

Fortunately for you, the [del]locusts[/del]cicadas have been here instead, or you’d be feeling quite Biblical right about now.

You forgot about the Sri Lankan spiders with pointy sticks. They may take revenge and sneak into Da Cave in your absence and steal all your TP. You have been warned - Sri Lankan spiders are not to be trifled with!

sahirnee, if you have a removable battery, you can purchase another battery for under $50, I think. I will probably replace mine in about threeonths as well. I have heard that they start giving you less battery life after 400 charges.

yeah. that.


Ok y’all have just got to check this out! This is the squickiest, yet funniest thing I have seen in a loooooooong time! :smiley:

Morning all,

I has an ouch. Did lots of yard irk by myself yesterday as Mr. Jynxster started his Sunday- Thursday schedule. Poor guy got only a one day weekend.

I am still waiting for the cicada invasion here in Suthron VA. Haven’t really seen or heard from them. When I was in elementary school, that was the last time I really remember them coming. The principal would get on the anouncer every day and tell us not to pick up and throw the cicadas. Only she pronouced it shi-cadas. Which prompted many shi-cada fueled fights every day.

I do not want to be here. Yawn. I slept terribly last night. It was too hot, I wasn’t tired enough, and I could hear Roomie and her visiting brother downstairs chatting and kept feeling like I was missing something fun.

So now I’s tired. :frowning: It’s gray and probably going to be rainy sooner or later, but I get the whole house to myself this weekend when Roomie goes away, so I’m just going to keep that goal in mind.

Mooom, I feel your pain on getting rid of a car you love. I just bought a new one in January, and the dealer let me take it home that night–I was not prepared to say goodbye to my old one yet, and I felt like I’d betrayed her. Watching a five foot tall woman hug a Honda Element in the parking lot of a dealership was probably the saddest thing those people have ever seen.

However, I’m sure it made for a lot of hilarious youtube video amongst their friends. :smiley:

Yeah, Lucky tellin’ a buncha elementary school students not to do sump’n works everytime. They always listen to grownups tellin’ em not to do sump’n. Personally I would not have felt the need to tell elementary students not to fling cicadas. Then again I also would have been in the midst of the cicada flingers.

OK, about to head out to the east forty. Let the end of the world begin!