the mole question

I remember on the last (okay, second to last) episode of The Mole, Kathryn got really upset of one of the answers to one of Jim’s questions.

Unfortunately, My dad just had to burst through the upstairs door at that moment, food in hand, the TV in hand, etc.

So, what Was the question that was asked of Jim, and why was Kathryn so upset?

The question was: Who is more likely to cheat on their significant other – Steven or Kathryn. Steve and Kathryn correctly guessed that Jim had answered “Kathryn” on that. Kathryn said the pattern was that Jim had said “good” things for Steven and “bad” for her.

Jim said that his reasoning was that Steven was married and Kathryn wasn’t yet, and he had to pick one of them, so he just picked Kathryn. She was upset that he would think that she would be a cheater, but, like Jim said, either way he was going to hurt someone’s feelings, because the questions were not nice.

Ack, I got it way wrong. I didn’t hear the question, but from what I did hear after (which wasn’t much because my dad was so loud) I thoght the Q was “who would you rather have sex with” and Jim said Steve because he’s gay.

Couldn’t be more wrong, eh?..