The Mole - 07/02 Episode Early Thread

Yeah, it’s a bit early for the next Mole thread but I just came across something odd.

I was just over on the ABC site getting the Quiz for next week (its at and noticed something odd. Four questions (2, 3, 5 and 6) all say “THIS QUESTION LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK BY ABC.COM”.

Obviously they are afraid that the questions will reveal something about the episode but this is the first time I have seen them do this. Also, some of the other questions like #4 (“What color shirt or top was The Mole’s loved one wearing when selected during relative disguise?”) or #8 (“Did The Mole receive a new journal yesterday?”) give away things that are going to happen so they aren’t totally concerned about revelations.

Any ideas?

Hmmm. I looked ahead in the online TV guide at yahoo and they said something about a proposal. And Kathryn, the Mole insider, said that even she cried at this episode. Plus on the site, it said something about Heather crying. Significant others seem to be playing a big role. So I deduce that Heather gets a wedding proposal from her boyfriend on the show.

Probably they only want to cover up the really big things. Still. It does feel pretty cool knowing about these things before they do. Well actually after they do, but it feels like we know beforehand…

It would be so cool to have significant others appear on the show, like they did last year. I’ll never forget my boy Jim hugging his ex. :slight_smile: (Then again, Jennifer and Kate were crying and bitching at each other until the Coop let them see their family. :rolleyes: )

In any case, Heather’s going to cry. The marriage proposal theory has been floating about for a couple of weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Getting back to the game, I still have the same three suspects: Bill, Heather, and Dorothy. If any of them goes tonight, I’ll have to re-evaluate. I still don’t think the Mole is Al or Katie. If the Mole turns out to be either one, kudos for good acting.

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I saw a commerical last night. She gets the proposal from her verrrrry attractive boyfriend.

Yowza. :slight_smile: I can’t wait…just a half hour or so to Mole time…I’m really leaning towards Bill being the Mole. (Yeah, mainly 'cause of you guys!) But it makes sense. He’s perfected this image of the nice retired navy guy, and that way all the suspicous things he does can either be attributed to his wanting to adhere to the image (i.e., not wearing the diapers, or passing up an exemption because he’s the mole and doesn’t need it). And he can come off as trustworthy, that is, a lot of his mistakes could be considered just honest mistakes, since he is (or tries to be) such an honest guy. It’s him…or Katie. Until she gets eliminated, I’m going to keep declaring that it’s her.

This post is gonna be one big spoiler box! :smiley:

[SPOILER]DAMMIT! I knew Katie would be the one to go tonight, but that didn’t help when it was confirmed. I’m glad she had her dad with her on the way home, I’m sure she fell apart on the plane. I wanted to kick Al’s butt when he made that crack to Katie’s dad about her always crying. And Heather’s description of her boyfriend was suspicious. She had tried to pick people out TWICE before and yet she offers that her boyfriend has “piercing blue eyes”? She couldn’t even pick out a fat man with a big nose. It’s too easy for her to be the Mole, but it sure was a strange thing to do

I still think Dorothy is the Mole.[/SPOILER]

My money’s on Heather. Maybe I’m a cold, heartless bastard, but I thought this was a rather boring episode. You can only wring so much emotion out of the relative visit. Especially when it’s Bill’s brother-in-law. But I did chuckle at Anderson’s comment about wiping a tear away.

The only problem I can see with Heather is that she is the mirror image of last year’s Mole, Kathryn. But she sure was sneaky this week.

They’re setting us up to think it’s Dorothy… Or maybe that’s Dorothy’s plan. They always have her saying the most suspicious sounding things.

Here’s my red herring moment. Shortly after they said their, “Look for the clues revealing the identity of the Mole” thing, they showed a brief shot of a blue sign with an arrow. The immediate next shot was of Heather. Conclusive proof! Right???

Bill’s reaction to his brother-in-law being there was classic. “Oh. Hey, how’s it going.”

I thought Heather’s ring looked tacky. And they so set that up. Her boyfriend was standing practically right in front of the window for Bribbs to see. The only thing he lacked was a flashing neon sign.

Okay, enough random thoughts. I miss Elavia… sniff

I miss Katie already. :frowning:

OK. I’ve hopped onto the HEATHER IS THE MOLE train. Precisely because she looks and acts so much like Kathryn, last year’s Mole. Also: how COULD she have missed Katie’s father??? Katie described him precisely. Even without glasses Heather should have been able to pick him out. Same for Dorothy’s mother. Heather’s description was spot on. Then there’s the passed up exemption from a few weeks ago; she wouldn’t have needed the exemption if she were the Mole. And she could suck her opponents into her camp by giving up the exemption.

I’m just glad Cryin Katie is gone! Now if we could just get rid of Al! Maybe he’s the one who continually ties the loser. . . but he’s got faster fingers!

I dunno. I’m pretty near sighted, too, and I’d probably blow it if I had to ID someone from a two story house. Heather came off suspicious, but I hope she isn’t the mole. It’s way too obvious…the whole Kathryn thing.

I guess I was wrong about my Katie=the Mole theory. <sigh> She said she thought Bill was the mole and was leaning towards him, but she got executed. So does that mean Bill isn’t the mole? Maybe it is Dorothy- Al’s comment about her being the mole and being able to see her mother anyway sounded like a good theory. Taking the fall twice and losing money in the process.

Oh yeah, how about that puking puppy? I so did not see THAT coming.

That was THE WORST! So unnecessary!

She said she thought Bill was the mole and was leaning towards him, but she got executed. So does that mean Bill isn’t the mole?

It could, or it might mean that she just remembered the facts about Bill incorrectly.

I SO hope that Al is next to go. I don’t like him AT ALL.

I was contending that Bill was the Mole based on one screen shot of what appeared to be a Pisces symbol during a scene change (he is the only Pisces in the group). If he gets eliminated, my next suspect is Al, because they showed a picture of a sign in front of a restaurant which read in different colors: IT-AL-IA. It sounds lame, but their clues from the last season were just about as lame.
I think Al would be a perfect Mole because he is so un-Katheryn like.