What did Kathryn get for being The Mole?

I watched every episode of the Mole and enjoyed it quite a bit. Finally, we know that Kathryn was the Mole. I have not heard anything about what she was paid or won by taking the role as the Mole. She auditioned just like the others, but was chosen to be the Mole, so she couldn’t win the game.

Anyone have any clue?

My WAG when I started thinking about it:
She had the choice of either being on the show and being the Mole or…not being on the show.

I’m wondering if, similar to Survivor, some of the contestants making it to the later rounds get incrementally more cash, i.e: $10, 30, 50,000. I would figure the Mole would get ~50k too, but again, that’s my WAG.

Steve (the winner) and Kathryn were interviewed on a local (Atlanta) radio station yesterday morning. She got a fixed amount (since she was taking herself out of the running for the prize and giving herself a harder role too) but they didn’t say what the amount was.

They also said that all of the contestants got some amount depending on how long they lasted. Some of them were surprised when they did; they thought all they were getting if they lost was the two week European vacation. Again, they didn’t say what the amount was.

She got to sleep in a car cuddled up next to Steven, which would have been prize enough for me. :wink: