The most disgusting apartment ever!

In all the pack rat and dirty houses threads we have had here, I have never seen anything like this. I found this on Digg - someone posted photos to a message board of the utterly filthy apartment of a woman behind on her rent. Apparently the landlord tried to contact the tenant and found a mountain of fast-food trash and cigarette butts waist-high. The bathroom is particularly disturbing. How did this person use the bathroom? What is that stuff on the bathroom floor? Imagine how bad she must have smelled.

This isn’t a case of an OCD packrat. This is someone who treated their living space as a trash can/ashtray. Why do people do this? Why couldn’t they just throw their trash away? What is wrong with people like this?

Had I not clicked the link I would have just said they’re lazy, I certainly have forgone cleaning for a few days due to other engagements. But O.o (there is no word in the English language that can describe it better than that smiley).

I’d ASSUME it’s some sort of chronic depression or something, effectively immobilizing the tenant, but I’m not exactly a psychologist. Maybe he genuinely likes absolute filth? I’m not sure if it exists, but it would not surprise me if unhealthy enjoyment of exceptionally messy spaces was a genuine personality disorder.

And I could have done without the bathroom pictures, I mean the apartment was TERRIBLE and disgusting but the bathroom just takes it to a whole new level.

Judging from the type and volume of the trash, it’s especially disturbing the sheer amount of fast food, pizza, soda, and cigarettes this person consumes. They must be terribly unhealthy.

I am still trying to figure out how the person uses the toilet, how they bathe, and what the hell that stuff is on the bathroom floor.

I’m assuming the person works - how else would they afford all that fast food and cigarettes? - so I can only imagine how this person must smell to their coworkers.

I’m guessing the stuff on the floor in the bathroom is fungus growth, but it could be rotting chicken… :confused:

That really was a fucking disgusting flat, there are children in the third world who live in rubbish dumps because they have no choice, this person chose to make their home into one.

My WAG is human waste, and toilet paper dirtied by an overflowed toilet. I suspect that huge bucket on the toilet seat is what’s being used now and that the toilet doesn’t work.

The ultimate in At Least I’m Not That Bad. thank you, thank you.:wink:

Meh. I have seen worse on Animal Cops, to be honest.

The weird thing is, no beer cans, empty vodka bottles, or jugs of wine.

And nothing druggy at all. Another vote for severe depression.

Oh my! How did you guys get these pics of my apartment?! ;):stuck_out_tongue:
Thats rank! :eek: I think I’ll go clean now - I have the sudden need to!


Reminds me of some dorm rooms I saw in college.

I guess their strategy was to keep tossing the trash aside until just before it buried the bed, and then move.

A friend of mine bought an old house that was worse than this – it was a 4-bedroom farmhouse, and several rooms and a large barn were literally packed to the ceiling with trash, in bags and not. Two people and twenty or thirty dogs lived in the unpacked rooms. The walls had blackened with filth from about six feet up down to the floor. He had been unloading trash fromt he barn for months before he knew there were 2 cars in it.

Please, please tell me those were not used maxipads on the sink.

My personal favorite is the box of Air Wick in the fifth photo. Yeah, I’m sure that helps.

I’ve seen hispanic immigrants who “nest” in the bathroom, they refuse to put anything other than waste in the toilet and either throw the used TP in the trash or make a little pile next to the toilet. That’s what the pile on the bathroom sink looks like to me, the stuff on the floor may well be the remains of past nesting that has fallen.

To be fair to the immigrants most of them come from places where there is no plumbing or the plumbing is spotty at best so they are used to not dropping paper in the system. After explaining that the white paper goes in the toilet and the brown paper goes into the trash there are no other problems.

That place is nasty to say the least.

Somebody that likes Whataburger as much as I do! Seriously though, I suspect they ate out so much because the kitchen is probably unusable.

Unfortunately, a few of my friends and relatives have this problem. Usually the cause has been nothing more than small bad habits. Think along the lines of eating a meal in front of the television and not taking the plate back to the kitchen. “Oh, I’ll get it this weekend when I clean.” The weekend comes and it’s now a week’s worth of mess to clean up and it’s a lot more intimidating so it gets put off again. It just spirals out of control from there.

Every time I see one of these pics I get this horrid urge to clean - not top to bottom, but just make sure everything is picked up. But I already did that yesterday while watching Roman Holiday.
Then I feel the urge to throw random shit away, just anything we are storing.
Ah well.

When I was in Rome 10 years ago I had to find the La Bocca della Verita!

Ooo! Did you get pictures by any chance?

Oh my, more reason for me not to eat a Whataburger. Here’s another one with the urge to clean to everything in my house. /sick to stomach

When I saw those photos, I envisioned a woman with incredibly severe depression. I hope she’s somewhere getting some help.

I found the ironing board with iron that is obviously still being used the best part of the whole thing. Apparently this person still irons the stinky dirty clothes before leaving for work.

That’s toilet paper in the bathroom that’s been soaked in sewage I’d say.

The monitor and keyboard is hilarious. They must have used it while accumulating all the butts, or the butts would be somewhere else. They must be a point and click internet master.

One tiny spot has some dried up cat turds, but no sign of long term cat ownership. The cat either died in the mess, killed itself, is in the microwave, or stuck in the toilet pipe, thus causing the sewage backup.

I have seen places this bad. Luckily only twice. One had straw inside the house to cover the floor filth.