The most hilarious cartoon character ever!!

Who would this be? My candidate is “Droopy” from the MGM cartoons; Donald Duck would be a close second. :slight_smile:

either of the chimunks,chip or dale.

Tie between Homer Simpson and The Brain.

The frog in Chuck Jone’s “One Froggy Evening” before WB made him their corporate whore.

Also, there were some cartoons with some mice named Hubie and Bertie. They were always F-ing up the mind of a cat named Claude. The best one was where they convinced him he was dead and were trying to help him get to cat-heaven.

Who was “The Brain”? I don’t see many cartoons these days; the only character I remember with that name was from a comic book in the late 50s, drawn by the same artists who did the Archie comics then.
I saw the cartoon “One Froggy Evening” when it played in the 50s, in the theaters. I never did get the point about a frog that would sing and dance only when the ex-construction worker was present–especially when telling the truth got the man thrown into a mental institution. I guess you have to be sadistic to enjoy * that * cartoon. :frowning:

Kenny. Dead or alive.

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Either that or have an appreciation for the human condition.

I don’t have a clue about this. Please elaborate.

Tie: Homer Simpson, and Stewie from “Family Guy”.

Those Hubie and Bertie cartoons Papabear mentions were absolute classics. My favorite was when they were trying to drive the cat insane, they nailed the furniture on the ceiling, did shit to it while it was asleep (too complex to describe), stuff like that.

dougie_monty: I’m pretty sure what Gilligan meant was The Brain from “Pinky & The Brain.”
I love that show. :slight_smile:

Evildoers, you face … The Tick!
Or Duckman.

Ya know, I really miss Earthworm Jim and Freakazoid. Why did the Kids’ WB do away with those guys?

Classic toons : Goofy … no contest.

Modern toons : Johnny Bravo.

Saint Eutychus

I had forgotten the TICK “M u s t defy the laws of phy sics.”
heckle and jeckle. hubie and bertie are funny, indutiably. brain is funny but as a character pinky is funnier.
Boomhauer is in second place but for sheer hilarity it’s gotta be daffy duck (Bugs was good before he saned up and daffy took his place) Woo woo! Woo woo woo! woo woo!

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I’m a Daffy (Duck) Man!

I like Homer, I like Duckman, I like Lupo the Butcher. But the all-time most hilarious character is that Oscar-winning rabbit, Bugs Bunny.

No contest: Zippy The Pinhead.
I know, he is a comic strip character; technically not a cartoon character. But he is the funniest drawn personality, moving or nonmoving.

For cartoons, I dig Homer Simpson and Stewie too. For comics, I love Milkman Dan, although I doubt many other people know who he is.

I was going to vote Freakazoid, until I read the posts voting for the Tick (I also had forgotten about him), so I have a tie between those two.

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Daffy Duck, Homer Simpson, The Tick (“You can’t fight evil with a macaroni duck” “We’ll just see about that!”), Rocko had his moments.