the most important poster


awww I thought this was about me.

But happy birthday Esprix anyway. :wink:

with my memory, its probably the wrong day and I’ve missed it or something.
If so, i humbly apologize, casue Esprix rocks.

thank you.
Now congratulate him!!

I do this every year.
But do I get a birthday thread from him? nooooooooo…!


maybe you’re doing it on the wrong day every year and he’s always missed it.:smiley:

No, you got the right day. :smiley: Thank you!!!

And you’re right - I’m a bad doper for not remembering your birthday. Unless it’s in my Visor, it doesn’t exist. But I’ll try for next year!


It is actually November 26th. So it’ll be This year!

What are your plans?
Tell us tomorrow what you got!

It’s probably just the Mercury effecting his memory.
Esprix the most fabulous person on SDMB

I thought this was about that Farrah Fawcet picture that took the world by storm in the 70’s.

Well, happy birthday, homie.

Last night Q and I went to see “Naked Boys Singing!”, tonight he’s taking me somewhere (he won’t tell me where, only that I need to wear a tie), and Saturday all of my friends are getting together for dinner (which will actually constitute the first true BIG birthday party I’ve had since I was a kid that I didn’t orchestrate myself).


I forgot how old you are!
Who is Q ?
Is that really the first letter of his name?:smiley:

I am so very happy that you’re not dead yet, Esprix. Best wishes, btw…

Vanilla, I believe he posted about Q in a thread titled “I’m in love” or something like that.


Happy Birthday, Esprix

oooh … another Birthday today!
Happy may it be, Exprix!! :slight_smile:

Many happy returns, Esprix! May your dream (boys) come … er, true, yes, that’s it … TRUE.

umm … that, of course, should be Esprix. :rolleyes:

that’ll teach me not to post when i’m drunk … wait … no it won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday Esprix! May it be as fabulous as your good self.

Happy Birthday Esprix.

[sub]Heheh, I first read it as “the most impotent poster”.[/sub]

Happy Happy Day Exprix! I missed my own damn b-day party at Fathom so I’m making an effort to be at everyone elses. :slight_smile:

Have a Ducky Day!

Woo Hoo!

Happy birthday Esprix!!!