The Most Important Question….

You must ask yourself is…when you pass on from this life do you want to stand before God on the basis of your own deeds or works? I mean really? No one has lived a perfect life and the thought that somehow all the “good” things you did in your life will somehow outweigh the bad things is pretty shaky at best. If God is perfect wouldn’t he demand perfection from his creation (i.e. obeying God’s law at all times)?

There is however someone who led a perfect life and never sinned. Simply by asking Yeshua (Jesus) to be your savior his righteousness will be credited to your account and your sin taken away. You will not have to fear standing before God with the threat of condemnation. So please make the wise choice before it is too late….

You’re absolutely right.

I should make the wise choice, before it’s too late.

This evening, I shall have chicken instead of beef for dinner.

Nah, I’m good.

Not the bad chicken! Didn’t you start the thread about the scary chicken dancing to Abba?

I thought the most important question was “To be, or not to be?”

Or, failing that, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

Alternatively, “Who put the bomp in the bomp bomp bomp bomp?”


Ah yes, my child, but Yeshua hath provided me with a multitude of wholesome chickens.

Edit: Verily.

Cool! So you are saying, I can do like anything now and not have to pay for it later. It is going to be a fun night tonight (and the rest of them too). Christianity is awesome.

“his righteousness will be credited to your account and your sin taken away.” Sounds like one of those check-cashing scams… Jesus promises to cover all my sins, and I’m left holding the bag. Again.

To me, this sounds more like a bailout.

Cool! So, about the “too late…” bit - you’re saying there is a timeframe? What is the timeframe? Because you are making it sound like I can be a creep, but if at some point before the expiration of the timeframe, I ask Yeshua then I’m good to go.

No, the most important question is why you posted this in IMHO instead of GD. Like it or not, that’s the forum for witnessing.

Reported for forum change.

Yeah, it’s a really sweet deal. Christians get to kill and rape and steal all they want, and as long as they’re straight with Jesus a few minutes before they’ die, they’re golden!

Thanks, bdeberg! Thanks for spreading the Good News that Christians are lying, thieving, murderous scumbags who don’t care one whit about how the they treat others! It’s a great religion for sociopaths!

If the bible is to be believed, God is all-powerful. That means he’s had the power to stop all the nasty stuff that’s ever gone down on earth, but decided not to. If I found myself standing before that guy I’d spit in his eye and take a swing at him.

Blasphemy! :eek:

*Clears throat

Every rose has its thorn… just like every night has its dawn… just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.

Oh hell no.
I may be a lazy, selfish, lying pervert, but no one is going to take the blame or punishment for anything I have done. NO ONE.

I have earned my damnation, and I swear to the spirit of Roger the Angry Rabbit that I shall run the demons ragged inflicting an appropriate level or torment. You cal this a fiery furnace? Hey! You! Slacker! Pump those bellows harder. You call yourself an imp?

Dr Fidelius, if you have not yet read Jurgen, you really should. Jurgen visits his father’s Hell, where all the old sinners run the imps ragged demanding ever harsher punishments to suit their manifold sins.

If the God you describe exists, I would expect him to forgive me for all of my sins - including my lack of belief. I don’t see why God would forgive me for being a murderer or a rapist or a thief but not forgive me for being an atheist.

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