The Most Influential Bell-ends of 2018

The Daily Mash (a satire site) has a little list.

As a non-Brit, I find the term “bell-end” amusing. I do know what it means, and that it’s an insult, but it sounds pretty innocuous to my North American ears.

I like the linked article, too.

Whereas I opened this thread just to find out what the heck a “bell-end” is. From the context, I’m guessing that it’s something like a horse’s ass?

It refers to the head of the penis, and also means a jerk or an idiot.

New user name!

I always assumed it was identical in meaning and usage to “dickhead.”

That sums it up nicely.

Thank you. Now I feel obliged to voice my annual routine objection to using body parts that can be a lot of fun (dickhead, prick, asshole, c–t, etc.) as swear words. They only work as swears because we are all such prudes. I wish we could revert to the swearing of old, using such lovely expressions as “syphilitic scabrous leprous pile of putrescent pustulent puke” (which I stole from an old SDMB thread).