How is this an insult?

Now this may seem like a silly and dim question but…

I’ve never understood just how “Bite Me!” constitutes an insult. Seems to me that in the relationship between biter and “bitee” it is the bitee who comes off worse. So just why would you invite someone to bite you and expect them to be insulted? It also seems to usually involve offering your rear end as the intended target. Again, (all sexual gratification issues aside) why would you do this?

I’m pretty certain we’ve got Americans to blame for this baffling expression, so can anyone fill me in on it? Or am I missing the incredibly obvious?

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It puts the “biter” into a subordinate/submissive position, implying that the person being insulted doesn’t deserve to be treated like an equal.

I’ve always had issues with the granddaddy of insults: F*** You.

Wouldn’t this be a good thing?

I think it’s actually a family-friendly version of “bite my crank”, that is, “suck my dick.”

George Carlin did a routine on this topic, saying that the appropriate phrase should be “Un-f*** you!”, essentially wishing the target to be deprived of sex. “F*** you” would be an expression of good wishes, by contrast.

To F*** you (only when it comes from good friends) I say, “When?”

To “You suck!” (ditto) I say, “Well.”

Neidhart nailed it. it is a bumper-sticker version of the disrespectful summons to preform fellatio.

this reminds me of the car commercial where the two kids are fighting in the back seat, and one calls the other a “dork”.

dork is a penis, people! :smiley:

Sure gives a new meaning to Dork Tower, then. :eek:

Since when? My entire, long life I have used the word to refer to a clueless, clumsy geek. I have never, ever heard it used to indicate a body part. I can’t imagine anyone going to a doctor and saying “my dork hurts when I pee.” Is this a new meaning for the word?

Maybe “bite me” is a variation on “kiss my ass,” somehow evolved to “bite my ass?” I don’t know why this seems reasonable to me.

According to Webster’s:

Etymology: perhaps alteration of dick
Date: 1967
slang : NERD; also : JERK 4

I’ve heard that “dork” refers to a whale’s penis but I’m not sure if that’s true. Anyone got an OED handy?

I always thought “Bite Me!” was a contracted version of “Bite my bag!”, which is the stuff of nightmares, as far as I’m concerned.:stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I got from

I can’t imagine why any dictionary would undertake to document every slang word for “penis.”

Usually to “F**k you!” I say “Maybe later, if you’re lucky”. That shuts 'em up, good and proper!

I have Gary Larson to thank for the knowledge: dork=penis.

I’ve usually heard “bite me” in combination with some charming, creative add-on like “on my big fat hairy ass…” or some-such nonsense.
But maybe I’m just lucky.

I hate this phrase so much… I asked my partner not to say it again, because it bugged me so much, and of course he immediately repeated it.

I launched myself across the room, teeth bared, and bit the first thing I came into contact with. (his shoulder) I drew blood (accidently) and shocked the hell out of him… he really wasn’t expecting that. While I apologised profusely (I really didn’t mean to bite that hard, but I had heaps of momentum up) we both ended up collapsing with laughter at the sight of me flying through the air, fangs out.

And believe me, he’s NEVER said that phrase to me again :smiley:

The OED says that the penis connotation (1964) pre-dates the nerd one by about a decade (1972). However, I have never heard it used to mean penis. It sounds like one of those “almost naughty” words that a 5-year old would use (like weiner, etc.).

Putz = (Yiddish) Penis = (German (obs?)) Jewel


Wang = Godly


I’ve been using “bite me” a bit recently, and I would go with the “suck my dick” explanation. Not that this is any more sensible.