The Most Productive Morning of My Life!

Don’t ask me why - normally i’m a lazy git. Maybe its just because i’m enjoying being back at work after the Christmas break, but so far this morning i’ve:

  1. Fixed an online app thats been giving us grief for months.

  2. Built two small apps for HR data collection.

  3. Re-mastered the organisation’s Induction Handbook and delivered it to the printers.

  4. Sifted job applications.

  5. Written a proposal for reorganising the division’s IT Support Structure

  6. Taught my boss how to make the blue sparks when powersliding on MaroKart: DoubleDash

Blimey. I’m never this productive. Never.

So now i’m going to kick back, wack on some Wynton Marsalis, scratch my balls and take it easy for a while.

After all, i wouldn’t want people getting the impression that i’m going to be like this all the time from now on…

You might be a bit more productive when getting beers in in the pub. aside from that, well done. I don’t actually understand any of the IT bits but, hey.

ah - just the man. Remind me to email you.

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